Passages in red are additions to information already published in “The Cambridge Cricket Club Era.”

Source abbreviations: C Ch – Cambridge Chronicle & Journal (1801-1812)/ Cambridge Chronicle & Journal and Huntingdonshire Gazette (1812-1821); H B P & C  G – Huntingdon, Bedford, Peterborough & Cambridge Gazette (1815-1819)/ Huntingdon, Bedford and Peterborough Gazette & Cambridge & Hertford Independent Press; B & N P – Bury & Norwich Post; C Int – Cambridge Intelligencer; Peck – unpublished diaries of JohnPeck; Haygarth – “Frederick Lillywhite’s Scores and Biographies” compiled by Arthur Haygarth; Buckley – G B Buckley “Cricket Notices”.

Note: spelling mistakes have been left as found, omitting the device (sic) to avoid distracting from the sense of extracts.


First clear record of CU playing teams from outside the university:
Tues 26th May, unknown venue.  University of Cambridge v Ipswich Town.  CU won by 60 runs. Ipswich Journal 30th May p 2.
Tues. 28th July. “the gentlemen of Wisbech” v “the gentlemen of Peterborough”, for £20 a side.” W 107; P 38 & 7. Wisbech won by an innings and 62 runs. Cambridge Chronicle (C Ch), 25th July p 3 & 1st Aug. p 3.

Mon. 3rd Aug. “Thorp Park, near Peterboro’”, Sir John Shelley, Bart. “of the Marylebone Club”, John Orby Hunter, Esq. “of Thorp Hall”, and 9 Gentlemen of Peterborough v 11 Gentlemen of Wisbech CC. Wisbech won “with great ease”. C Intelligencer (C Int), 15th Aug. p 2.

Wed. 5th Aug. Thorp Park. Sir John Shelley, Bart, John Hunter, Esq; and 9 of the Hertfordshire Militia v “the same[as 3rd Aug] eleven of the Wisbech Club.” Wisbech 34 (Huggens 4+ wkts) and 83 (Bewer 31, Porter 4+ wkts); Sir John Shelley etc. 79 (Shelley 26, Weatherby 20, T. Briston 4+ wkts, Bewer 5+ wkts) and 38(Bewer 3+ wkts). Scores tied. “A dispute afterwards arose whether two or only one notch [run] was run for the last ball, and to prevent mischief that might probably have ensued from contesting it in such a multitude, the Wisbech Players generously resigned the victory.”  The officers and men of the Herts Militia had been advertised to play Peterborough in early June. This match sort of completes the circle.   C Int, 15thAug p 2.

Mon. 10thAug. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge. Mr Halls, fishmonger v Mr. Barron, publican, “for a considerable sum”. Halls won. 3 runs scored in total. “This curious match, for which the parties have long been in practice” drew a large crowd.”  C Int, 15thAug. p 2.

Tues. 18th Aug., Wisbech. Downham Market CC v Wisbech CC for 11gns. Wisbech 32 & 68; Downham 110. Downham won by 7 runs. Much betting. Odds 5 to 1 in favour of WCC. “a greater number of spectators were seldom seen on any similar occasion.” Several disputes during Downham’s innings. An after-match dinner at the Rose “finished with conviviality & friendship…” CCh, 29thAug p 3.
Tues. 22nd Sept. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge CC v St. Ives CC. Cambridge 25 & 87; St Ives 11 & 25. Cambridge won by 76 runs. C Ch, 19th & 26th Sept. p 3.
Tues. 6th Oct. St Ives, St Ives CC v Cambridge CC (10 men) return. Cambridge 18 & 56; St Ives 55 & 11. Cambridge won by 8 runs. C Int, 10th Oct. p 3.

Wed. 30th June. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge v Ware for 50 guineas. Advance notice only. C Int, 26th June p 3.


Wed. 29th June. “Great Cricket Match”, 2 Gentlemen of St. Ives v 2 of Chatteris, for 10 gns.” 2 “bye-matches…won one each”. C Ch, 18th June & 9th July p 3.

Thurs. 30th June, Chatteris. “the long depending match”, Chatteris v Manea CC for 50 gns. Manea won by 7 wkts. C Ch, 18th June & 9th July p 3.

Wed. 13th July, Manea CC v Chatteris return. Advance notice only. C Ch, 9th July p 3.
Thurs. 23rd Aug. Saffron Walden CC v Cambridge CC. Walden 85 & 39; Cambridge 107 & 19 for 5 wkts. Cambridge won by 5 wkts. C Ch, 31st Aug. p 3.
Fri. 30th Aug. Cambridge, Cambridge CC v Saffron Walden CC return. Cambridge 38 & 39; Walden 11 & 24. Cambridge won by 42 runs. C Ch, 7th Sept. p 3.

Thurs. 13th Sept. Jesus-Close, 1 member Cambridge CC v 6 of the town”. 1 won by an innings and 1 run.” C Ch, 14th Sept. p 3.


26th July. “We understand, that the offer made some weeks since, by nine of the Hitchin Cricketers with 2 from a neighbouring parish, to play any 14 in the county of Bedford, for 50 guineas, has not yet been accepted.” C Ch, 26th July p 2.

9th Aug.
                 Challenge at Cricket

…SIR, ANXIOUS to play a Friendly Game of Cricket, we……made proposals to several neighbouring parties, all of which were rejected; –– grown bold by such repeated refusals, we had the assurance to challenge, with two borrowed men from a neighbouring parish, the whole county of Bedford…the Saint Ives Players, anxious to crush our arrogance and humble our pride, conveyed to us by letter their readiness to accede to the proposal…they have, however, thought fit to recede. We beg, Sir, now…to express our willingness to play, (with 2 borrowed men,) the Cambridge Gentlemen, on Royston Heath, on any day, and for a sum that may hereafter be agreed upon. It may appear strange that we wish to borrow 2 men, but this being but one parish, and there being but few players, we can with difficulty raise but 9 at any time; we however pledge ourselves, that the two we borrow, do not, and never did, belong to the Mary-le-bone Club…

…The Cricket Players at Hitchin.” C Ch, 9th Aug. p 2.

16th Aug.


[In response to] a very haughty and erroneous advertisement…from the Cricket-players at Hitchin.” “That a letter was written by and with the consent of the Saint Ives players……we readily admit; which was formally rejected by the Hitchin gentlemen.—That a second letter was written, [the letter referred to in C. Ch. 9th Aug.] allowing each party to take in 2 men, the St. Ives players had no knowledge of whatsoever.” “…we think it a very unfair proposal…to borrow 2 men, who would, no doubt, be two of the best players that could be selected in Hertfordshire, (whereas we could make no such choice,) which must have ultimately been to our decided disadvantage……we again express our willingness to play the Hitchin gentlemen……strictly confining both parties to their respective parishes…

…The Cricket-players of St. Ives.” C Ch, 16th Aug. p 2.

23rd Aug.

“…SIR…the ‘haughty advertisement’[ C. Ch. 9th Aug] at which they [the St. Ives Cricket Players] seem so much displeased was inserted without our knowledge of consent……we have to state, that a short time since we received two letters in one day[as referred to in C. Ch. 16th Aug], each containing a challenge from the St. Ives, but with this difference, that one proposed town against town, and the other allowed two men on each side……we therefore lost no time in conveying our readiness to accede to the last proposition” [because] “one of our players was determined to have nothing to do with it in harvest. That the loan of two men from a neighbouring parish would be considered by us as an advantage, we readily admit; nor can we conceive how the assistance of two from any part of Huntingdonshire can be deemed by them a disadvantage, unless they consider themselves the best players in that county.

Ignorant, Sir, as we were of the writer of the ‘erroneous advertisement’[C. Ch. 9th Aug] before alluded to, we had not the least doubt but his intentions were good; we felt ourselves, therefore, compelled in some measure to agree to the proposal he made in our name…” “…we have adjusted matters with [the Cambridge gentlemen] to play on Royston Heath, on Wednesday the 27th inst…

…The real Cricket Players at Hitchin.” C Ch, 23rd Aug. p 2.

Wed. 27th Aug. Royston Heath, Hitchin CC (with one of Kimpton, Mr Bruton, not allowed to bowl) v Cambridge CC. Hitchin won by nine wkts.” C Ch, 30th Aug. p .

6th Sept.

” To the Cricketers of Hitchin.

GENTLEMEN, Upon your so publicly declaring [the need for two given men], we permitted you to borrow one gentleman; and we cannot but express our surprize at your immediately accepting a Challenge from the Gentlemen of St. Ives, to play them upon their own terms, namely, Town against Town—The acceptance of which has induced us in this public manner to challenge Eleven Gentlemen of the Town of Hitchin, to play a match at Cricket, upon Royston Heath, on WEDNESDAY the 8th of OCTOBER, for any sum not exceeding Fifty Guineas…

…The CRICKETERS OF CAMBRIDGE. C Ch, 6th Sept. p 3.

Wed. 10th Sept. Potton Meadow, St Ives CC v Hitchin CC. Hitchin 63 & 28; St Ives 40 & 27. Hitchin won by 24 runs. C Ch, 13th Sept. p 3.

20th Sept.

The Hitchin players declined a rematch with Cambridge until the next season:


We beg leave…to remind the Cambridge Gentlemen, that when we were in treaty with them, we agreed to allow them the choice of 2 men from any neighbouring parish, and it could hardly have been supposed that a small town like this, of only one parish, could be able to meet the large and populous town of Cambridge consisting of 14 parishes, with (according to their own assertion) one of the first bowlers in the kingdom; yet when we refer to the state of the game, and find that we headed them the first innings, altho’ Mr. Bruton (the gentleman we borrowed) did not get one run, that we were deprived, by them, of the assistance of his bowling, and that there were nine wickets to go down the second innings, very little doubt can remain upon the subject…

…The real Cricket Players at Hitchin.” C Ch, 20th Sept. p 3.

Wed. 18th July, unknown venue.  2 Gentlemen of Thetford CC v 2 of Newmarket.  Thetford won by 37 runs. B&NP 22nd July.
Mon. 10th Aug. Royston Heath. “…a grand Match of Cricket for 100 guineas”, Hitchin CC v Cambridge CC. Hitchin won by 3 wkts. The match had “engrossed the contemplation of both parties for a long time past….”C Ch, 8th & 15th Aug. p 3.

Mon.31st Aug or 7th Sept. Mildenhall, “the gentlemen of” Mildenhall v Newmarket. Mildenhall 107 in 2 innings; Newmarket 92 & 16 for no wkt. Newmarket won by 10 wkts.C Ch, 12th Sept. p ; B & NP, 16th Sept. p 2.

Tues. 1st Sept. Newmarket Heath, “…for a considerable sum, between two gentlemen of the Cricket Society of Mildenhall, and two belonging to the Society of Newmarket.” Newmarket 21 & 21, “one wicket reigned”; Mildenhall 2 & 5.C Ch, 5th Sept. p 3.

Tues. 6th Oct. Newmarket, Newmarket v Mildenhall return not played. Mildenhall cancelled the day before. “In consequence of which two Innkeepers having provided sumptuously for their entertainment were, by dire necessity, compelled to distribute their luxuries amongst the poor of the parish.” Bury & Norwich Post (B & N P), 23rd Sept/7th Oct. p 2.


Mon. 25th July. Saffron Walden, 11 “gentlemen of Saffron Walden” v 11 “of the Cambridge Volunteers”. Cambridge Volunteers won by 2 wkts. C Ch, 30th July p 3.

Mon. 4th Sept. Thetford, Thetford CC v Newmarket CC. Thetford won by 50 “notches”. B & N P, Norfolk Ch 3rd Sept/7th Sept. p 2.

Mon. 11th Sept. Newmarket, Newmarket CC v Bury St Edmunds CC. Bury won. B & N P, 14th Sept. p2.

Thurs. 21st Sept. Bury St Edmunds, Bury St Edmunds CC v Newmarket CC return. Bury won. B & N P, 28th Sept. p 2. 


Wed. 22nd Aug. Peterborough Common, Peterborough CC v Thorney CC. Thorney won by 8 wkts.” C Ch, 31st Aug. p 3.

Mon. 27th Aug. Thorney, Thorney CC v Peterborough CC return. Thorney won by an innings. C Ch, 31st Aug. p 3.

Mon. 27th Aug. Cambridge, Married v Single. Single won by 83 runs. “A numerous company attended on the occasion, among whom were a great many amateurs [enthusiasts] of the old school.” C Ch, 31st Aug. p 3.

Mon. 3rd Sept. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge CC v Royston CC. Cambridge won by an innings and 6 runs. For 100 gns.  After-match dinner at the Castle inn. C Ch, 7th Sept. p 3; Morn. Ch. 7th Sept.

Mon. 10th Sept. Royston Heath, Royston CC v Cambridge CC return. Cambridge won by 4 wkts. C Ch, 14th Sept. p 3.

Sept./Oct. Wisbech v Terrington. Terrington won. C Ch, 19th Oct. p 3.

Sept./Oct. Terrington v Wisbech return. Terrington won. C Ch, 19th Oct. p 3.

Mon. 15th Oct. Wisbech Race Ground, Wisbech v Terrington for 100 gns third match. Terrington won. C Ch, 5th/19th Oct. p 3.
Sat. 31st Aug.  Downham Market challenge ” any other Town in this or any adjoining county, to play the best of Two innings, for any sum, from Eleven to Fifty Guineas a side – to play home and home…. if a greater distance [than 20 miles] to meet at a convenient intermediate place.”  The previous year Downham Market had sent out a challenge to other parishes within Norfolk. Norf. Ch. 31st Aug.
Mon. 2nd Sept. Cambridge, parish of St. Andrew The Great v “11 of the town [Cambridge]”. Town 97 & 106; St Andrew’s 38 & 46. Town won by 119 runs. “A grand match at cricket……for 33 guineas”. C Ch, 6th Sept. p 3.

Mon. 16th Sept. Peterborough, Peterborough CC v Thorney CC. “The first inning was so well contested that after some debate it was allowed to be drawn, and the next inning to decide the game.” Peterborough won by 6 wickets. C Ch, 20th Sept. p .

Before 21st Sept.  Walpole.  Report of a fight at a cricket match.  Teams not named and no details of match. Walpole was just over the border in Norfolk, and was later (1844) to become an opponent for Wisbech St Mary’s.  Suffolk Chronicle, Sat 21st Sept 1811.

Sept/Oct. Thorney CC v Peterborough CC return. Thorney won. C Ch, 18th Oct. p 3.

Thurs. 10th Oct. Peterborough race-ground, Peterborough CC v Thorney CC deciding match. Peterborough 54; Thorney 37 & 24. Peterborough won by an innings & 10 wkts. C Ch, 18th Oct. p 3.
8th Nov. Letter from Peterborough re dispute with Thorney concerning a controversial challenge.  Stamford Mercury Fri 8th Nov.  
Fri. 24th July. March, “gentlemen” of March v Manea. March won by 5 wickets. C Ch, 7th Aug. p 3.
Fri/Sat 24th/25th July.  Eton.  Gentlemen tutors of Eton v the Gentlemen of St John’s Club.  Eton won by 49 runs.  This may not be relevent to Cambridgeshire as it is unclear who the St John’s Club was. Morn. Ch. 28th July.

Fri. 31st July. Manea, Manea v March return. March 62 & 1; Manea 63 in 2 innings. March won by an innings. C Ch, 7th Aug. p 3.

Mon. 9th Aug. Cambridge CC v Saffron Walden CC. Cambridge won by 64 runs. For 100 gns. C Ch, 14th Aug. p 3.

Mon. 17th Aug. Walden Heath, Saffron Walden CC v Cambridge CC return. Cambridge won by 9 wkts. C Ch, 21st Aug. p 3.

Mon 24th Aug. Leverington, Leverington v Parson Drove.  Parson Drove won. Stamford Mercury Fri 4th Sept.

Fri 28th Aug. Parson Drove, Parson Drove v Leverington return.  Leverington won. Stamford Mercury Fri 4th Sept.

Unknown date. 11 of Wisbech CC v 22 of Newton, Leverington, Murrow & Parson Drove. The 22 won. Peck.

Fri.16th July. March, Married v Single. Single won. C Ch, 23rd July p 3.

Mon. 19th July. Royston Heath, Royston CC v “nine gentlemen of Potton with two borrowed men”. Royston won by 50 runs. C Ch, 30th July p 3.

Sat. 23rd [24th] July “The long-pending match between Kent and Cambridgeshire is to be decided…in Mr Chambers’s grounds of Ickleton-Abbey.—Miller plays for Kent, and Mumford for Cambridgeshire. No doubt from the notoriety of the match and the superiority of play which these two men have shewn, will draw a great concourse of spectators.” This may well have been a single wicket match.   Advance notice only. C Ch, 23rd July p 3.

Mon. 26th July Potton, Potton v Royston CC return. Royston won by eight wkts. C Ch, 30th July p 3.

Thurs. 29th July. March, March v Wisbech. March 40 & 13; Wisbech 62. Wisbech won by an innings & 9 runs” C Ch, 6thAug. p 3.

Thurs. 5th Aug. Royston Heath, Royston CC v Ware CC. Royston 121 & 32; Ware 53 & 49. Royston won by 51 runs. C Ch, 13th Aug. p 3.

Fri. 6th Aug. Wisbech, Wisbech v March return. Wisbech 60 & 51; March 40 & 36.” Wisbech won by 35 runs. C Ch, 13th Aug. p 3.

Mon. 9th Aug. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge CC v Saffron Walden CC. Cambridge 40 & 79; Walden 64 & 25. Cambridge won by 30 “notches”. For £50 per match. C Ch, 13th Aug. p 3.

Fri. 13th Aug. Wisbech, Thorney v Leverington. Advance notice only. B & N P, 11th Aug. p 2.

Mon. 16th Aug. Saffron Walden, Saffron Walden CC v Cambridge CC return. Walden 34 & 81; Cambridge 80 & 36 for 8 wkts. Cambridge won by 2 wkts. “A large assemblage”. After-match dinner at the Sun Inn. C Ch, 20th Aug. p 3.

Thurs. 19th Aug. Ware Park, Ware v Royston, with two given men, return. Ware won by 106 runs. C Ch, 27th Aug. p 3.

Tues. 31st Aug. Parker’s Piece, Married v Single. Single won by an innings and 4 runs. “…the anniversary match…An Old English dinner of roast beef and plumb puddings…at the Castle Inn, Saint Andrew’s Street—many loyal and other songs, toasts and sentiments were given.” C Ch, 3rd Sept. p 3.

Wed. 20th July. Lord’s, London.  St John’s Wood v Cambridge University.  St John’s Wood 122 & 109; CU 242.  CU won by an innings and 11 runs.  C Ch 22nd July p 3.
Wed. 10th Aug. Spalding, Spalding v Thorney. Thorney won by 8 wkts. C Ch, 26th Aug. p 3.
Wed. 17th Aug. Thorney, Thorney v Spalding return. Thorney won by 7 wickets. C Ch, 26th Aug. p 3.

Unknown date.  Burley on the Hill, Burley v Thorney.  Burley won. Stamford Mercury Fri 11 Aug 1815.


Thurs. 15th June. Chatteris, Mr. John Carrington Dunn’s ground, “GRAND CRICKET MATCH.” “Cockey Brown, Esq. late of Boston, a well-known player, and Mr. John Archer, surgeon, known by the name of the Mildenhall Hero”v “Joseph Mumby, Esq. one of the old school, belonging to the Horncastle Club, and Mr. John Dunn, of Chatteris, brewer, well known for his dexterity in the above noble game” “…odds at the commencement of the game were 3 to 2 in favour of the latter gentlemen, but soon changed in favour of the opponents, then even betting, and at last Lombard-street to a china orange.” Brown & Archer won by an innings & 6 runs. Huntingdon, Bedford and Peterborough Gazette (H B P & C G), 1stJuly p 2.

June. “One day last week a famous match at cricket was played at Bentwick between the Bentwick and Doddington clubs, the former in two innings with much skill and judgement did not get a single notch, but the other with sweat of brow got one, and were of course declared the victors. H B P & C G, 1st July p 2.

July. Doddington, Doddington v Bentwick. “It is expected those Olympiads will shortly take the field again at Doddington.” Match not recorded. H B P & C G, 1st July p 2.

Mon. 10th July. Royston, Cambridge CC v Biggleswade CC, for 50gns/100gns. Biggleswade 38 & 63; Cambridge 48 & 54 for 6 wkts. Cambridge won by 4 wkts. “…a great assemblage of the first respectably [respectability (?)] attended from the adjacent parts to witness this Olympic Game…” After-match dinner at the Green Man Inn, “in Mr. Smiths best style, of which upwards of sixty Knights of Bat and Ball, and their friends partook…” “…no less than 10,000 persons present.” H B P & C G, 15th July p 3;  Morning. Ch 13th July.
Mon. 24th July. Ickleton, ” a gentleman of” Ickleton v “a gentleman of” Kingston for 20 gns. “play or pay”. Advance notice only. C Ch, 7th July, p 3.

Wed. 2nd Aug. Mr. J.C. Dunn’s ground, Chatteris, Mr. John Smith, jun. v 10 Gentlemen (8 played). J. Smith jun. 34; 10 Gents 2 & 1. Smith jun. won by an innings & 31 runs.

“…Mr. Smith was not allowed a single person to scout, nor…to cross the ball between the striker and the stumps although the match was made to play the regular game of single cricket. Mr. S. had to fetch all balls that were hit by the striker…” CIP, 12th Aug. p 3. Tues. 15th Aug. Doddington, Doddington v Wimblington. Doddington won by an innings & 14 runs. C Ch, 18th Aug. p 3.

Thurs 10th Aug.  Stamford Race Ground. Oakham v Thorney.  This match was abandoned on the day of play due to an objection by Thorney to one of Oakham’s players.  Thorney eventually relented, but by then Oakham considered it too late to play. Stamford Mercury Fri 11th Aug.

Wed. 16th Aug. – Mr. J. C. Dunn’s ground, Chatteris, Mr. John Smith, Bob Gregson & Fuller “…the latter two both noted pugilists…” v 3 amateurs of Chatteris CC. Smith, Gregson & Fuller won. Gregson, although a novice, scored “his share of the runs”. Scores and Biographies (Haygarth), Vol I p xx.

Thurs. 24th Aug. March, John Ward, Esq. v Wm Walsham, Esq. Ward won. “…both bucks of the old school……much science was displayed…with great speed in running.” C Ch, 1st Sept. p 3.

Wed. 6th Sept. St. Ives, St. Ives CC v Chatteris CC”. Chatteris won by an innings, & 14 runs.” H B P & C G, 16th Sept. p 3.

Wed. 13th Sept. Chatteris, Chatteris CC v St. Ives CC return. Chatteris won by 9 wkts.

“Sir, Though it must be acknowledged that the St. Ives cricket players have been beaten in an almost unprecedented manner at home and abroad, yet it cannot be denied but what the Chatteris players and friends, were guilty of a sad breach of good manners, and at the latter place they would have treated the St. Ives disgracefully had it not been for, the respectable Patron of the players, Mr. John Friar, to whom much credit is due.

AN OBSERVER” H B P & C G, 16th Sept. p 3.

Fri. 29th Sept. Wisbech race ground, Thorney v Downham Market. Downham 86; Thorney 38 in 2 innings. Downham won by an innings and 48 runs. C Ch, 6th Oct. p 3.
Thurs. 5th Oct. Wisbech, North of the river v South of the river. South won by 9 wkts. C Ch, 13th Oct. p 3.
Fri. 24th May. Parker’s Piece, [Rest of] Cambridge University v King’s College. King’s 127 & 128; University 94 & 168 for 4 wkts. University won by 6 wkts. C Ch, 31st May p 3.

Wed. 12th June. Parker’s Piece, 11 of Cambridge CC v 17 “players of the town, who are not members”. Town 81 & 46; CC 73 & 54. Match tied. C Ch, 14th June p 3.

Wed. 10th July. Newton, cricket match at Newton Fair. Peck.

Mon. 29th July. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge CC v Saffron Walden CC. Cambridge 53 & 26; Walden 28 & 34. Cambridge won by 17 runs. After-match dinner at Castle inn. C Ch, 2nd Aug. p 3.

Fri. 9th Aug. Walden Common, Saffron Walden CC v Cambridge CC return. Walden 117 & 48; Cambridge 88 & 80 for 9 wkts. Cambridge won by 1 wkt. “…won, as usual“. “…the outskirts of the spacious Common were promenaded by a greater assemblage of Ladies from the town of Walden and parts adjacent, than was ever before remembered on such an occasion.” “…several thousands of spectators from the counties of Essex and Hertford.” C Ch, 17th Aug. p 3; Morn. Ch. 13th Aug.

The Cambridge team was described as “selected from the Cambridge Clubs”.  This was interpreted by Buckley as referring to the pub clubs, but as they had not yet formed by this date the more likely explanation is that the “Clubs” referred to Cambridge’s first and second teams which in the Sept 5th match are described as the Old and New clubs.  Suffolk Ch, 17th Aug.
Wed. 14th Aug. Sutton Washway, Sutton & Tydd v Wisbech CC. Wisbech won. C Ch, 23rd Aug. p 3.
Dinner given in honour of the CCC which was at its peak at this time:
Thurs. 15th Aug. “CRICKET FETE.—…­the gentlemen belonging to the Cambridge Cricket Club, with their friends, were invited to a most sumptuous dinner at the Castle Inn…by some of the respectable inhabitants of this town, in complement to their superior skill as Cricketers. A table was spread in the Castle Inn Yard with every delicacy of the season, to which the company (upwards of seventy) sat down, Mr. Medlicott in the Chair; over the entire, was a spacious canopy tastefully ornamented with figures emblematical of the game, and round which were displayed the most choice flowering shrubs and evergreens; a band of music was provided on the occasion, many appropriate and loyal toasts were drunk, and some excellent songs loudly encored; the utmost harmony and conviviality were conspicuous—after the tables were removed, an elegant assemblage of females joined the party, and dancing commenced, in which about thirty couples engaged till day light appeared.” H B P & C G, 24th Aug. p 3.

Mon. 19th Aug. St. Neots Common, Biggleswade CC v Cambridge CC. Biggleswade 36 & 44; Cambridge 70 & 11 for 0 wkts. Cambridge won by 10 wkts. Large crowd. H B P & C G, 24th Aug. p 3.

Tues. 20th Aug. 11 Buckworths v “11 gentlemen including 1 of Oakham club”. Buckworths 46; Others 42 in total. Buckworths won by an innings & 4 runs. “Singular Cricket Match. At Ketton feast”. Included Mr Rowland Buckworth of Thorney. C Ch, 30th Aug. p 3.
Mon. 26th Aug. Biggleswade, Biggleswade CC v Cambridge CC 2nd match. Biggleswade 27 & 55; Cambridge 74 & 9 for 5 wkts. Cambridge won by 5 wkts. C Ch, 30th Aug. p 3.
Mon. 26th Aug. Wisbech, Wisbech CC v Sutton & Tydd return. Wisbech won by an innings and 38 runs. C Ch, 30th Aug. p 3; Peck.
Wed. 28th Aug. Wisbech, Wisbech CC v Emneth. Emneth won by six wkts. C Ch, 6th Sept. p 3 & 20th Sept.; Peck.
Thurs. 29thAug. Emneth, Emneth v Wisbech CC return. Wisbech won by 8 wkts. Wisbech include a player from Walpole St Peter’s.  Emneth challenged Wisbech to a deciding match for £50. C Ch, 6th p 3 & 20th Sept.

4th Sept. “We are willing to oblige correspondents with the results of cricket matches, but cannot give place to malignant controversies respecting them.” B & N P 4th Sept. p 2.

Thurs. 5th Sept. Parker’s Piece, “Cambridge Old Club” v “Cambridge New Club”. New 23 & 60; Old 91 & 82. The Old Club won “as usual” by 90 runs. For a Rump and Dozen. H B P & C G, 7th Sept. p 3.
Match played on neutral ground:
Mon. 9th Sept. Saffron Walden Common, Bishop Stortford CC v Cambridge CC. Stortford 53 (gave up 2nd innings); Cambridge 153 (Bell 42, Medlicott 33, Scott 24). Cambridge won by 100 runs. “¡­both clubs stand high on the list as good players.” The coach which conveyed the Cambridge Cricketers to Walden…was met by an excellent band of music…provided by the gentlemen of the Walden Club.” “…it raining almost the whole of the day; after the game, the Walden Cricketers furnished the Cambridge men with fresh dry clothes, and indeed the members of the Cambridge Cricket Club cannot omit this opportunity of expressing the high satisfaction felt…on the present, as well as on every occasion in which they have come in contact with the Walden gentlemen, at their very polite behaviour and manly deportment.” H B P & C G, 7th & 14th Sept. p 3.

Wed. 25th Sept. Wisbech, Wisbech CC v Emneth, third match. Emneth won by ten wkts. For £50. C Ch, 4th Oct. p 3.

Sat. 6th Oct. “It is remarkable, that one gentleman, when he played in the Cricket Match against the Baldock, should get 44 notches in one innings, and when the same gentlemen played against the Cambridge, the whole eleven got only 27 notches.” H B P & C G, 5th Oct. p 3.


Mon. 12th May. Parker’s Piece, “King’s College (Eton Scholars)” v [Rest of] Cambridge University. King’s 118 & 141; University 104 & 73. King’s College won by 82 runs. For a rump and dozen. H B P & C  G, 17th May, p 3.
Fri. 23rd May. Parker’s Piece, King’s College v “rest of the university” second match. University 131 & 187; King’s 116 & 202 for 5 wkts. King’s College won by 5 wkts. C Ch, 30th May, p 3.
The CCC’s first defeat in 10 years / first CU v Town match:  
 Fri.30th May. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge University (including King’s College) v Cambridge CC. University 128 & 76; CC 91 & 76. Cambridge University won by 37 runs.  The annual Town v Gown match was played with only a few breaks through to 1861. C Ch, 6th June, p 3.

Thurs/Fri. 3rd/4th July. Eton, King’s College Cambridge v Eton College. King’s 126 & 87; Eton 80 & 128. King’s College won by 5 runs. Buckley b), p 61.

Mon. 7th July. Parker’s Piece, College Cooks v Townsmen. Cooks 72 (Scott 21, J Page 3+wkts) & 60 (J Page 5+wkts, M Page 3+wkts); Townsmen 43 (Scott 4+wkts) & 90 for 9 wkts (Scott 3+wkts, M. Page 22). Townsmen won by 1 wkt. For a dinner & wine. “…a good deal of dressing is expected for the dinner.” Marquees on the ground. After match dinner at Castle Inn. H B P & C G, 14th June & 12th July p 3.

Sat. 26th July. Newmarket, Newmarket CC v Mildenhall CC. Newmarket 200; Mildenhall 88. Newmarket won. For 100 guineas a side. C Ch, 1st Aug. p 3.

Mon. 28th July. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge CC v Biggleswade CC. Biggleswade 49 (Medlicott 4+wkts, H Page 3+wkts)& 79 (Pepper 21, H Page 4+wkts, Medlicott 3+wkts); Cambridge 85 (Roberts 3+wkts) & 44 for 5 wkts. Cambridge won by 5 wkts. “…for a subscription purse…” “We observe, by Bills that have been distributed and placarded, that the Match¡­¡­is for 100 Guineas, and that the Cambridge, with their usual philanthropy and politeness, will permit the Biggleswade to choose one Player not a Member of their Club, to play on their side in the Match……The Royston Club have challenged the Conquerors.” “A circle composed of upwards of 1000 persons…” “The Cambridge undoubtedly are equal and perhaps superior in play, to any Club in this part of England…” After match dinner at the Castle Inn. H B P & C G, 19th July 26th July & 2nd Aug. p 3.

Sat. 2nd Aug. At Mildenhall, Mildenhall CC v Newmarket CC return. Newmarket 78; Mildenhall 29 & 23. Newmarket won by an innings & 26 runs.” C Ch, 8th Aug. p 3.

Aug. Advance notice of eleven College Cooks v Newmarket CC at Newmarket. “The ground is not yet agreed upon. The Cooks propose the Bacon Course.” H B P & C G, 9th Aug. p 3.

Mon. 11th Aug. Biggleswade Common, Biggleswade CC (with Mr Stanton) v Cambridge CC return. Biggleswade 88 (H Page 3+wkts, Medlicott 3+wkts) & 79 (Stanton 26); Cambridge 23 & 24. Biggleswade won by 120 runs. “…every vehicle from the lowly fish-cart, to the tandem, was in requisition at any early hour; expectation was at its highest stretch, and more money was won and lost, than may ever be remembered on a like occasion……the Biggleswade was observed throughout the game, to play with deliberate coolness and precision and every manoeuvre of the Cambridge was effectually defeated.” After match dinner at the Crown Inn. “…the harmony of the evening, was greatly augmented by the vocal powers of Messrs. Ling. (from the Ely choir,) Bird, Willis, and Mouud [?]…” H B P & C G, 9th & 16th Aug. p 3.

Mon. 18th Aug. Thetford, Thetford CC v Newmarket CC. Thetford 51 & 30; Newmarket 38 & 32. Thetford won by 11 runs. For 50gns.  C Ch, 22nd Aug. p 3; B&N P 13th Aug.

Thurs. 21st Aug. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge CC / “Old Club”, v 22 “Gentlemen of the town”. Town 54 (Scott 5+wkts, H Page 4+wkts) & 71 (82) (Scott 9+wkts, H Page 5+ wkts); CC 137 (Martin 31*, Bird 21, Battyll 20, Edmundson 6+ wkts+). Cambridge CC won by an innings & 1 run. For a Rump and Dozen. H B P & C G, 30th Aug. p 3.

Mon. 25th Aug. Newmarket Heath, Newmarket CC v Thetford CC return. Newmarket 111 & 65; Thetford 82 & 50.  Newmarket won by 44 runs “…altho’ They had not a picked-man from another club…”. C Ch, 29th Aug. p 3.

Wed. 3rd Sept. Newmarket, 22 of Newmarket CC v 11 of Cambridge CC. Newmarket 55 (H Page 6+wkts, Medlicott 6+wkts) & 90 (H Page 10+wkts, Medlicott 4+wkts); Cambridge 35 (Chiffney 3+wkts, Moody 3+wkts) & 48 (Chiffney 4+wkts). Newmarket won by 62 runs. H B P & C G, 6th Sept. p 3.

Fri./Sat 5th/6th Sept. Parker’s Piece, 11 of Cambridge CC v 22 of Newmarket CC return. Cambridge 48 (Chiffney 5+wkts) & 45 (Chiffney 4+wkts, Moody 3+wkts); Newmarket 66 (H Page 5+wkts, Medlicott 3+wkts) & 65 (Medlicott 9+wkts). Newmarket won by 38 runs. H B P & C G, 13th Sept. p 3.

Mon. 8th Sept. Parker’s Piece, Collegians v Tradesmen of Cambridge. Tradesmen 31 (Lawson 4+wkts) & 20 (Lawson 6+wkts); Collegians 50 (Pryor 5+wkts) & 2 for 0 wkts. Collegians won by 10 wkts. For a dinner H B P & C G, 13th Sept. p 3.

Thurs. 11th Sept. Castle Inn, St. Andrew’s St. Cambridge. “…in consequence of the ill luck in the play of the Old Cricket Club this season , a gentleman in this town very liberally invited them……to a good harvest dinner……consisting of boiled beef and plum-pudding, and plenty of Foster’s entire.” H B P & C G, 13th Sept. p 3 .


Fri. 8th May. Parker’s Piece, King’s College v “rest of university”. University 68 & 69; King’s 100 & 40 for 3 wkts. King’s College won by 7 wkts. C Ch, 22nd May p 3.

Wed. 20th May. Cambridge, “rest of the university” v King’s College. King’s 171; University 52 & 104. King’s College won by an innings & 15 runs. C Ch, 22nd May p 3.

Unknown date.  Cambridge.  Cambridge University v “11 of a junior club of this town.” The town club won.  B&N P 1st July.
Mon. 29th June. Cambridge.  “11 of a junior club of this town.” v Cambridge University.  The town club won. B& N P 1st July
Thurs/Fri. 9th/10th July. Eton, Eton College v King’s College Cambridge. King’s College won in 1 innings. “The spectators are very numerous.  Marquees and tents are pitched for refreshments.” Buckley; Morn. Post 10th July.

Mon. 20th July. Biggleswade CC v Cambridge CC. Biggleswade 79 & 51; Cambridge 56 & 78 for 4 wkts. Cambridge won by 6 wkts. C Ch, 24th July p 3.

Wed./Thurs. 22nd/23rd July. Newmarket, Newmarket CC v Holt CC. Newmarket 84 (Robinson 34, Norton 3+wkts, W.Pilch 3+wkts) & 101[90](W Weatherby 30, W Chiffney 24, W. Pilch 5+wkts); Holt 114 (T Daplyn 53, N. Pilch 25, W. or S. Chiffney 7+wkts) & 74 for 0 wkts (R Frost 42*, W Pilch 22*). Holt won by 10 wkts. For 300/330 gns a side. “…the odds are rather inclining in favour of Newmarket.” Large crowd. “…the clubs dined in a booth on the ground.” “much skill, and very superior to that of country players in general was displayed.”B & N P, 3rd June p 2; C Ch, 5th June 17th & 31st July p 3. Morn. Post 7th Aug

“The reader will observe several jockies on the Newmarket side.” Haygarth Vol. I p 413.

Mon./Tues. 27th/28th July. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge CC v Biggleswade CC return. Cambridge 34 (Wells 4+wkts, Roberts 3+wkts) & 69 (Martin 24); Biggleswade 77 & 28 for 1 wkt (Roberts 23*). Biggleswade won by 9 wkts. H B P & C G, 1st Aug. p 3.

Mon. 17th Aug. Royston Heath, Cambridge CC v Biggleswade CC, deciding match. Biggleswade 37 & 101; Cambridge 108 & 31 for 1 wkt. Cambridge won by 9 wkts.“…the Heath exhibited the appearance of a great fair.”  Dinner at Crown Inn. C Ch, 21st Aug. p 3.  Morn. Ch.  20th Aug.

Fri. 21st Aug. Newmarket Heath, Newmarket CC v Bury St Edmunds CC. Newmarket 210 & 150 for ? wkts.; Bury 82. “…the Bury gentlemen intimated, that owing to the ill health of their players, they should not resume the game the next morning; and the palm was yielded up to their opponents…” C Ch, 28th Aug. p 3.

Tues. 1st Sept. Ely Common, 4 v 6 of Ely CC. Six 16 & 18; Four 48. 4 won by an innings & 14 runs. H B P & C G, 12th Sept. p 2.

Thurs. 3rd Sept. Huntingdon, Cambridge CC v Peterborough CC (with one man from Oakham). Peterborough 31 & 65; Cambridge 74 & 23 for 0 wkts. Cambridge won by 10 wkts. For 50 guineas. H B P & C G, 29th Aug. p 2. & C Ch, 11th Sept. p 3.

Fri. 4th Sept. The Depot, Bury”, Bury St Edmunds CC v Newmarket CC. Newmarket won by an innings. C Ch, 11th Sept p 3.

Wed. 9th Sept. Newmarket, Newmarket CC (with Robinson of Kent) v Cambridge CC. Newmarket 54 & 101; Cambridge 124 & 32 for 6 wkts. Cambridge won by 4 wkts. After match dinner at the Red Lion Inn. C Ch, 11th Sept. p 3.

Wed./Thurs. 16th/17th Sept. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge CC v Newmarket CC return. Newmarket 91 & 69; Cambridge 73 & 94. Cambridge won by 7 runs. C Ch, 18th Sept, p 3.


Mon. 24th May. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge CC / “Old Club” v Cambridge University (incl. King¡¯s College)”. CCC 92 (J Page 29, Coles 5+wkts) & 91 (Coles 5+wkts); CU 111 (Hannington 23, Bligh 20, Dark 4+wkts) & 73 for 8 wkts. (Greenway 22, H Page 5+wkts, Dark 3+wkts). Cambridge University won by 2 wkts. C Ch, 28th May p 3 & H B P & C G, 29th May p 2.

Mon. 31st May. Parker’s Piece, “minor cricket club of” Cambridge v Saffron Walden. Cambridge won by 37 runs. C Ch, 4th June p 3.

Mon. 21st June. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge University v Cambridge CC second match. CU 85 & 100; CCC 109 & 77 for 3 wkts. Cambridge CC won by 7 wkts. C Ch, 25th June p 3.

Tues/Thurs 20th/22nd July. Newmarket Heath, Holt CC v Cambridge CC, for 88 gns. Holt 93 (N Pilch 41, Dark 5+ wkts) & 57 (Frost 20, Medlicott 6+wkts); Cambridge 65 (Garwood 4+wkts) & 34 (R J Brereton 5+wkts, W Pilch 4+wkts). Holt won by 51 runs. Rain prevented play on the Wednesday.“…a grand match…for 200gns…From the great skill of both parties, this is expected to prove one of the most interesting matches which has been played for many years.”(B & N P)

“It seems the Holt gentlemen are rather the favourites, having come off conquerors in almost all the matches in which they have been engaged¡­However the same may be said of the Cambridge, who…have frequently beaten the gentlemen of the Essex and Bedfordshire Clubs…” “…every gig and horse that could be procured in this place was put in requisition, and numerous persons walked to Newmarket…” “The Norfolk gentlemen……displayed great skill at batting, (combined with much caution;) the excellent fielding of the Cambridge was very generally allowed.” “…the rain falling in torrents about the middle of the day……the company retiring into the town in excessive crowds, put the innkeepers to an unexpected route…” “their [Cambridge’s] situation appeared so prosperous at the commencement of their second innings, that 2 to 1 was currently betted on [them]…” but “fortune seemed on the sudden so much out of favour with the Cambridge men, that as if by a spell, they appeared to lose their nerves, prowess, and courage ‘quite defunct’­” Cambridge challenged Holt to a return match “the following day, or within a fortnight, for 100 guineas…” No record of return match.

“…­the pedant may consider those athletic amusements as light and trifling, but…we cannot consider the game of cricket as lessening but rather improving the dignity of man; besides a necessary relaxation from the sedentary and severer duties of life is exceedingly wholesome¡­the game of cricket as practised in our own country, we certainly consider the most national, as combining necessary exercise with manly science, and not in the least degrading to the liberal pursuits of man.”B & N P, 14thJuly; C Ch, 9th/16th/23rd July p 3; H B P & C G, 24thJuly p 2; Haygarth,Vol I p 412 (Year given as 1818).

Sat. 17th July. Newmarket, 11 of Newmarket CC v “21 boys, with young Hilton as commander”. Boys won. H B P & C G, 24th July p 2.

Fri. 30th July. March, North v South of the river. North won. “The folly of jesting…[A North player, whilst batting, received a hoax note claiming that his aunt was dead]…the colour was seen to forsake him, his whole frame was seen to tremble, the bat fell from his hands, and he fell insensible……We are very sorry that our creation should contain beings so insensible to the ties of kindred as to trifle with the feelingsof a tender hearted nephew……the young man becomes worth about [£]2,000 (in addition to [£]3,000) by the death of his aunt, which taken place shortly after…” H B P & C G, 7th Aug. p 2.

Mon. 9th Aug. Newmarket Heath. Newmarket CC v Bury St Edmunds CC”. Newmarket 231 (Tilbrook 136*) & 107; Bury 74 & 56. Newmarket won by 208 runs. C Ch, 13th Aug. p 3.

c. 15th – 21st Aug.  Hertfordshire v 22 of Bedfordshire.  Herts won by 16 runs.Unknown year -Unknown date. “…in the days of Lord Frederick Beauclerk eleven of the County of Hertford defeated 22 picked men from the counties of Cambridge and Bedford on Biggleswade Common.” ;Bell’s Life 15th Sept. 1844 p 3;

Sat. 21st Aug. Parker’s Piece, 3 Married v 3 Single Ironmongers of Cambridge. The Single won. H B P & C G, 28th Aug. p 2.

Tues. 24th Aug. 3 Single v 3 Married Ironmongers return. Single won by an innings and 20 runs. H B P & C G, 28th Aug. p 2.

Mon. 30th Aug/6th Sept. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge CC v Newmarket CC. Cambridge 111 (Medlicott 27, Bird 25*, W Chiffney 3+wkts) & 131 (H Page 45, Medlicott 31, Chiffney 5+wkts); Newmarket 136 (W. Weatherby 47, J. Weatherby 33, Scott 3+wkts, H Page 3+wkts) & 107 for 6wkts. (J. Weatherby 31, Sankey 27*, W. Weatherby 22, H.Page 3wkts+). Newmarket won by 4 wkts.

“…that boisterous kind of exultation on the part of the victors…was neither gentlemanly or judicious: and we hope for the credit of the Newmarket gentleman, will not be repeated.” C Ch, 10th Sept. p 3 & CIP, 11th Sept. p 2; N & BP 8th Sept. p 2.Fri.10th Sept. Rougham, Bury St Edmunds CC v Newmarket CC return. Bury 35 & 96; Newmarket 96 & 36 for 0 wkts. Newmarket won by 10 wkts. C Ch, 17th Sept. p 3.

Mon./Wed. 13th/15th Sept. Newmarket, Newmarket CC v Cambridge CC return. Newmarket 113 (Tilbrook 39*, Scott 4+wkts) & 194 (Hilton 54, W Chiffney 51, J Weatherby 37); Cambridge 109 (Medlicott 36, W Chiffney 4+wkts) & 106 (Martin 44, M Page 21, Chiffney 6+wkts). Newmarket won by 92 runs.

“…we have to observe, that some culpability[for Cambridge¡¯s performance] is undoubtedly attached to those who enter the lists without a decided intention of exerting themselves to bear off the prize…” “…it plainly appears, that the Newmarket gentlemen, by indefatigable exercise, and constant practice, have rapidly improved, while it is but too evident, that the Cambridge cricketers have retrograded, from a laxity of those most necessary qualifications, or, perhaps, from want of union and confidence. The laurels they manfully won at the beginning of the season has fallen from their brows, and been picked up by the Holt and the Newmarket. In fact, the Cambridge club has now arrived at a crisis, that it must be remodelled or reformed, before its members can think of giving or receiving any more challenges, into a body actuated with the essential qualities of consolidated activity, exertion, and reciprocal confidence, and divested of petty jealousies for we much regret (and cannot refrain from expressing it), that there are some, whose amiable suavity of manners gain the respect of all, but who will suffer their minds to be tinctured by trifling prejudice, to the exclusion of those who would be really useful on the day of trial; and whom, we are much afraid, has been treated with more harsh contumacy than his supposed erring can warrant; ¨C¨Cand by those who only paint in their fancy the Darke side of the question. We would hint¡ªthat to enable our townsmen again to advance on a footing commensurate with their neighbours, that an active and efficient eleven should be trained to simultaneous action in the field, and not subject to a change in every match they play…which may enable them once more to rank among the best of those who are famed in this manly game” C Ch, 17thSept. p 3; H B P & C G, 18th Sept. p 2.

Tues. 14th Sept. Duxford CC v Chesterford CC. Duxford won by an innings and 56 runs. C Ch, 17th Sept. p 3.


Wed./Thurs. 10th/11th May. Parker’s Piece, King’s College v “rest of the university”. King’s 110 & 172 for 9; University 96 & 184. King’s College won by 1 wkt. “…by-standers having called “game” at the 280th notch, when the two last men of King’s were in; the wickets were accordingly struck and the parties retired from the field; but…it was found to be a tie. The play was again resumed, and the King’s men made two more runs…” H B P & C G, 13th May p 2.

Tues. 23rd May. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge CC v Cambridge University CC (excl. King’s College). CCC 120 (H Page 38, Bird 33, Coles 6+wkts) & 131 (Bird 28, Scott 28*, Coles 4+wkts); CUCC 45 (H Page 5+wkts) & 129 (Greenway 41, Oxendon 34, Guthrie 22, Scott 5+wkts). Cambridge CC won by 77 runs. “…we never saw them [CCC] play better…we sincerely hope they will not relax in their practical exertions…The play lasted 10 hours.” H B P & C G, 27th May p 2.

Tues. 30th May. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge CC v Cambridge University CC (excl King’s College) second match. CCC 245 (Martin 111, M. Page 45, Bird 27, Coles 5+wkts) & 103 for 4 wkts (H Page 29); CUCC 75 (H Page 5 wkts). Rain reduced play and the University were unable to field a full team on the following day. The match “was decided in favour of” Cambridge CC. H B P & C G, 3rd June p 2.
Unknown date ¨C “Memorandum ¨C In consequence of the bad conduct of Sterne towards some of the members of this Club in 1820 ¨C Be it remembered that (by the vote of the Club he is never to be suffered to play in any match against the said Club ¨C” CU CC Match Book 1820-23 frontispiece.

July. Eton College v Cambridge Etonians. Eton College won. Eton won by 6 wkts. Buckley Cricket Notices/Yorkshire Gazette 29th July.

July(?). Ashwell v Bassingbourn. Ashwell 41 & 75; Bassingbourn 50 & 44. Ashwell won by 22 runs. Colchester Herald, 8th July ( Colchester Herald 8th July 1820).

Sat. 15th July. At Newmarket. 24 youths of Newmarket. Won by four runs. 57 & 54 v 81 & 26. C Ch, 21st July p 3.

22nd July.  Two matches between Holt and Newmarket have been agreed.  Norfolk Ch Sat 22 July p 2.

Mon 24th July. Eldo Heath, Bury St. Edmunds CC v Newmarket CC. Bury 70 & 67; Newmarket 43 & 95 for 3/4 wkts. Newmarket won by 7/6 wickets. “So great were the changes in this game, that during the last innings the betting varied from 20 to 1 in favour of the Bury to the same odds in favour of Newmarket.” H B P & C G, 29th July p 2; N & BP 26th July p 2.

Mon. 31st July. Newmarket Heath. Newmarket CC v Bury St Edmunds CC return. Newmarket 28 & 88; Bury 59 & 58 for 3 wkts. Bury won by 7wkts. C Ch, 4th Aug. p 3.

Thurs. 3rd Aug. March, North v South of the river. South won “easily”. ” It is hoped that this noble game will be patronized and not suffered to expire, like many other athletic exercises which contribute so largely to bodily health and mental relaxation.” H B P & C G, 12th Aug. p 2.

Sat. 5th Aug. Newmarket CC v Bury St Edmunds CC deciding match.  Newmarket 153 & 25 for 2; Bury 112.  Unfinished.  To be concluded. B&NP 9th Aug.
Mon. 7th Aug. Cambridge, “youths of Midsummer Common” v “Parker’s Piece”. Common won by 24 runs. CIP, 12th Aug. p 2.Thurs. 10th Aug. March, North v South sides of the river return. South won “with tolerable ease…­”
“Two other inferior matches have been played this week, but without exciting the interest the preceding ones did.” H B P & C G, 19thAug p 2.
Fri. 11th Aug. Tholomas Drove, “eleven unexperienced players of” Tholomas Drove v Wisbech St. Mary’s. Wisbech St Mary’s 45 & 30; Tholomas Drove 109 (Groom 41*, Burman 29). Tholomas Drove won by an innings and 34 runs. H B P & C G, 19th Aug. p 2.
Sat. 12th Aug. Newmarket CC v Bury St Edmunds CC continued deciding match. Newmarket 153 & 68; Bury 112 & 52. Newmarket won by 57 runs. Newmarket played with ten men. H B P & C G, 19thAug. p 2.

Sat.19thAug. Chatteris, 9 married men v 11 single men of Chatteris CC. Married won by 17 runs. H B P & C G, 26th Aug. p 3.

Fri. 25th Aug. Walden Common, Saffron Walden CC v Newmarket CC. Walden 69 & 64; Newmarket 54 & 24. Walden won by 53 runs “contrary to the expectations”. C Ch, 1st Sept. p 3.
Tues 5th Sept. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge Junior CC v Red Lion CC. Juniors 111 & 90; Red Lion 33 & 72. Cambridge Junior CC won by 96 runs. H B P & C G, 9th Sept. p 3.
Tues. 5th Sept. Midsummer Common, “undergraduates of” Trinity College v St. John’s College. Trinity won by 23 runs. H B P & C G, 9th Sept. p 3.
Fri./ Sat. 8th/9th Sept. Parker’s Piece, Newmarket CC v Biggleswade CC. Biggleswade 92 (Rootham 28, Wells 26, Chiffney 4 wkts) &114 (H Page 63, Chiffney 5+wkts); Newmarket 58 (Carrington 4+wkts) & 73 (Robinson 20, Wells 3+wkts). Biggleswade won by 75 runs “…evidently by the powerful aid of their borrowed auxilliary, Mr H Page, [of Cambridge] who was substituted for Lord F. Beauclerc; but it is doubtful whether his Lordship, in his best days, could have done more for them in the field, than their able coadjuter performed in the match in question.” H B P & C G, 5th Aug. & 16th Sept. p 2.

5th May. “A curious match of cricket is likely to take place in a few days, as eleven gentlemen of one family, in this town, have challenged all Cambridge to play any other eleven that may be found hardy enough to compete with them…” H B P & C G, 5th May p 2.

Fri./Sat. 18th/19th May. [Rest of] Cambridge University v King’s College. University won by 1 wicket. C Ch, 25th May p 3.

1821-30 – The Cambridge University CC moved from Parker’s Piece to open a new ground off Mill Rd in the bulk of what is now Mill Road Cemetery.

Thurs. 24th May. “…on the New Ground belonging to the [University]”, Cambridge University CC v Cambridge CC. CCC 133 (J. Scott 36, G Fenner 34, J Page 25, Baxter 21, Fauquier 4+wkts) & 150 (W Martin 54, H. Page 55, Wyndham 3+wkts); CUCC 55 (H Page 3+wkts, Scott 3+wkts) & 204 (G. S. Hume 97*, H. Hannington 63, Scott 3+wkts). Cambridge CC won by 24 runs. CIP, 26th May p 2; CU CC Match Book 1820-22.

2nd June. “The Cambridge University Cricket Club, we understand, have challenged the Oxford University to play at either place, within a fortnight from the present time.” H B P & C G, 2nd June p 2.

2nd June. “…it is likely the Cambridge Cricket Club will play the Holt, for a considerable sum, the greater part of which is already subscribed.” No record of match being played. H B P & C G, 2nd June p 2.

2nd June. “A few weeks back, a challenge at cricket was sent to a certain party of gentlemen (inhabitants of this town,) which they readily accepted. We understand, they have discovered their error in being too precipitate, though they actually wished, last summer, to outvie the Cambridge Old Club at the same game.” H B P & C G, 2nd June p 2.

Wed 28th June. Cricket at Wisbech St Mary’s Races. Peck.
Tues. 17th July. On the ground of Charles Ridwell Esq. nr. Ely, Ely CC v Chatteris CC. Chatteris 22 & 47; Ely 37 & 33. Ely won. After match dinner at the Bell Inn. H B P & C G, 21st July p 2.

Tues. 24th July. Bottisham, Bottisham CC v Fulbourn CC. Fulbourn won by 6wkts. Notice of return, “when it is to be wished the parties may be more kind and attentive to each other’s comfort, and that the whole may conclude with perfect harmony and satisfaction.” H B P & C G, 28th July p 2.

Wed. 25th July. Chatteris, Chatteris CC v Ely CC return. Notice only. H B P & C G, 21st July p 2.

Thurs./Fri. 26th/27th July. Parker’s Piece, Cambridge CC v Bury St Edmunds CC for 25 gns. Cambridge 248 (Martin 90, H Page 72, Scott 20, J H Dark 6+wkts) & 74 (J. King 5+wkts, Dark 3+wkts); Bury 87 (J H Dark 55, H Page 4+wkts) & 84 (De Carle 25, J King 24, H Page 3+wkts) Cambridge won by 151 runs. H B P & C G, 28th July p 2; Haygarth, Vol. 1, p 445.
Wed. 1st Aug. Fulbourn CC v Bottisham CC return. Notice only. H B P & C G, 28th July p 2.
Wed. 1st Aug. Ickleton, Ickleton v 11 Cambridge amateurs. Ickleton won by 116 runs. C Ch, 10th Aug. p 3.
Mon./Tues. 6th/7th Aug. Bury St. Edmunds, Bury CC v Cambridge CC return. Bury 148 (J King 64, J H Dark 21) & 46 (G Fenner 5+wkts); Cambridge 58 & 88 (J Page 22, King 3+wkts). Bury won by 48 runs. “Stumps will be pitched at precisely Eight o’ clock.” N&BP, 1stAug p2; C Ch, 10thAug p 3; Haygarth, Vol.1 p447/8.

Mon./Tues. 20th/21st Aug. Newmarket, Cambridge CC v Bury St Edmunds CC deciding match. Cambridge 86 (M Page 31, J King 6+wkts) & 123 (J Page 41, J King 5 wkts, Dark 5 wkts); Bury 36 (G Fenner 5+wkts) & 89 (Dark 44, G Fenner 3+wkts+). Cambridge won by 84 runs. “It is with considerable surprise, not unmixed with regret, we learn from authority, that an unfavourable impression exists among many of the inhabitants of Bury¡ªthe offspring of a peevish childish petulance¡ªimpugning the conduct of the victor club, and the character of their respectable umpire, in terms as gross and indecent as they are unwarrantable and unjust.” H B P & C G, 25th Aug. p 2.

1st Sept. “SIR,—…On the contrary, they [the inhabitants of Bury] are ever ready to bear witness to the civility and friendly disposition of the players…… With respect to the character of their ‘respectable Umpire,’ I shall only say that the Members of the Bury Club have adopted the resolution of others, who have played with the Cambridge, and determined not to play another Match with them, unless they appoint some other person to stand umpire on their behalf. I am your’s, &c. AN INHABITANT.”

Bury, Sept. 1, 1821. N & B P, 5th Sept. 1821, p 2.

8th Sept. “SIR,¨—­Every unprejudiced man who has really known the ‘respectable umpire’……­ will affirm that his decisions have universally been received as conscientious and honest…­” “The sagacious ‘Inhabitant’ boldly takes upon himself to deny ­that the gentlemen of Bury, and particularly the players, have impugned the conduct of the victor club.—Was he not present when vollies of abuse were showered upon the devoted heads of the ‘victor club’ from the Bury booth? Can he deny that the quandium [quondam], venerable, and warlike Doctor pronounced them as unfit to meet his townsmen in reciprocity of rank and character? ¨— that ‘they did not know how to play a fair game!’—that ‘there was not one gentleman among them!!’ and ‘that they always behaved ungentlemanly wherever they went!!!!’…­” “…­I dare venture to assure him [the Inhabitant] that…­the Cambridge club are prepared to ‘dare to the field’ the Bury club, with all their exotic and non-resident auxiliaries, for Five Hundred Pounds. ANTI-LEECHERINA.” H B & C P, 8th Sept. p 2.

Unknown date. Cambridge Junior CC v “Common Club”. Result unknown. H B P & C G1st Sept. p 2.

Unknown date. “Common Club” v Cambridge Junior CC. Result unknown. H B P & C G,1st Sept. p 2.

Tues. 28th Aug. Cambridge Junior CC v “Common Club” deciding match. Juniors won by 70 runs. H B P & C G, 1st Sept. p 2.

Mon. 10th Sept. Midsummer Common, “between the pro-commoners of Trinity and Jesus Colleges (the latter with two given men)”. Trinity 42 & 45; Jesus 48 & 38. Trinity won by three wickets. H B P & C G, 15th Sept. p 2.

Nov. Plan to purchase an alternative ground for the university are abandoned.  This suggests that the existing ground was not considered wholly suitable. C Ch 30 Nov.