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The players


J H Dark – best known as proprietor of
Lord’s cricket ground. Played for
Cambridge Cricket Club in 1819.
Frank Fenner – 1847 Frank Fenner – in old age. Picture from Recollections of Cricket by Frederick Gale
in The English Illustrated Magazine 1891



From The Caian 1927
Fred Thackeray played for Cambridge University, Cambridge Town Club and in joint Cambridge Town/
University teams against MCC in 1839-43.

Town and University teams of Cambridge 1847by Felix (Permission of MCC Museum)
Group 1 – standing – Charles Arnold, Henry Cornwell, Alfred “Ducky Diver, John Walker(CU), J Leith (CU), Elphinstone Barchard (CU), Lord Burghley (CU), Richard Sedden (CU), William Hammersley (CU), Edward McNiven (CU); seated – John Crouch, Alfred Walker (CU)
Group 2 – Francis P Fenner, Edmund Blayds (CU), John M Lee, Robert T King, Charles Pryor, Arthur M Hoare, Frederick W Bell, Oliver C Pell, John Boning.
Group 3 – horseback – Thomas M Townley (CU), CW Fitzwilliam (CU); standing – Daniel Hayward,Charles Brown (Committee), Henry S Foster, Charles Winterton, Robert Ringwood, David B Edwards, Bill Robinson (policeman).
Players in red were associated with the Cambridge Town and County Club. John Crouch and David Bush Edwards had played for the Town team and pub clubs and were by this time umpires. Lee, King, Hoare and Pell were also CU players.


Alfred ‘Ducky’ Diver played for Cambridge Town Club (from 1843), Cambridge Town and County Club (1844-47), Cambridgeshire (1857-66), and the All England XI amongst others. By permission of MCC museum.
Thomas Hayward and Robert Carpenter            Thomas Hayward as portrayed
– stars of Cambridge Cambridgeshire and          in Pycroft’s “The Cricket Tutor”
 English cricket 1850’s-70’s.                                                                               
          Originalsourceunknown. Copied fromRichard Daft’s “Kings of Cricket”


Henry Perkins – Played for Royston, Cambridge County Club, Cambridgeshire in the1850’s and 60’s. Was secretary of the Cambridge County Club which organised several Cambridgeshire matches in the 1860’s, for which he was generally captain. He went on to be secretary for the MCC. By kind permission of MCC Library.

Fred Reynolds of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Lancashire and All England Eleven 1850’s-70’s By kind permission of Keith Hayhurst
George Tarrant – Played for Cambridgeshire(1861-68), All England XI. Toured Australia (1863/4) and US and Canada (1868) – from “The Illustrated Sporting News”, May 1863.

The 1868 England touring team to Canada and the US. Above John Smith and George Tarrant of Cambridgeshire are middle of front row and 3rd from right back row respectively. Below the 1868 team at Niagara Falls, which is a fantastic photograph with John Smith 2nd from right middle row.Picture from
Source of picture unknown.

Degree Morning, Cambridge, 1863 by Robert Farren
The interest in this picture is the inclusion of the two bowler-hatted figures at the back of the left hand group. They are Tom Hayward and Robert Carpenter (see above). Their inclusion indicates their social importance at that time since this is a picture of academic Cambridge with no specific relevance to cricket.




These two photographs of the Pembroke College XI’s of 1886 and 1885 show George Harvey, one of the professional cricketers in the 1861 census for Cambridge (see home page), above – back row far right; below – far right.