Gaps in my research
There are, of course, many!
No history is ever complete or definitive.  I have tried my hardest to be as thorough as I can but my findings must touch on only a small fraction of what actually happened.  I would love to know more and would appreciate ideas for where to look as well as any information you might be willing to share.
The main areas of information I would welcome help with are:
1) Any innacuracies in my research on the period 1710-1848.
2) Anything I may not know about the period 1710-1848.
3) Any information on Cambridgeshire cricket 1849-90 both in Cambridge and anywhere else in the county.
4) Information about Cambridgeshire players up to 1890 especially their engagements or residence for any reason outside of Cambridgeshire.  I can easily put a list of names on this site. For now here are some of the players involved:
Charles Arnold
Robert Carpenter
FP Fenner
Israel Haggis
AM Hoare
OC Pell
Fred Reynolds
Thomas Stearn
WC Winterton
Mark Arnold
Henry Cornwell
George Fenner
WJ Hammersley
RT King
Henry Perkins
Rbt Ringwood
George Sussums
Frederick Bell
John Crouch
James Fenner
D Hayward Snr
JM Lee
John Perkins
John Smith
George Tarrant
John Boning
AJD Diver
TS Fryer
D Hayward Jnr
James Martin(poet)
Charles Pryor
George Smith
Fred Thackeray
William Buttress
DB Edwards
Rbt Glassscock
T Hayward Snr
HJ&M Page
FC Pryor
Thomas Snow
TM Townley
5) Pictures of: Israel Haggis,  TS Fryer,  Dan Hayward Jnr,  William Buttress, FC Pryor,  & Thomas Snow would be fascinating to see.
6) I would also welcome any ideas on why cricket in Cambridgeshire developed the way it did.
Thank you for any help you can offer. I would also be more than willing to provide information that you need if I have it.