Cambridgeshire town & village summaries 1822-48 and other information

Source abbreviations – H B P & C G – Huntingdon, Bedford & Peterborough Gazette & Cambridge & Hertford Independent Press; C Ch – Cambridge Chronicle and Journal and Huntingdon Gazette ( up to 1832/ Cambridge Chronicle & Journal 1832 onwards; Haygarth – ” Frederick Lillywhite’s Scores and Biographies” compiled by Arthur Haygarth;                                                  Sources are not necessarily given in the respective order of matches for each team.  I am sorry if this proves confusing.

This page contains various items about particular towns and villages together with  a year by year summary of inter-town/village matches played in Cambridgeshire from 1822-48.


   When I first researched Cambridgeshire cricket of the 1840s one village stood out as receiving detailed reports of matches that sounded important.  That village was Chippenham.  A recent request for information on the club’s origin’s reminded me of the feeling that Chippenham CC was somehow a significant club.  The reality is perhaps a little more prosaic in that  Chippenham did not play big matches or harbour famous players.  What it did do, however, was important in its own way.  

The first reference I know of appeared in the Cambridge Independent Press of 3rd June 1843:  “On Thursday the 25th ult. a cricket match was played in the park of J. S. Tharpe, Esq., between the Chippenham Victoria Club and the Freckenham Prince Albert Club, which terminated in favour of the former by 28 runs.” The full scores were given as well as an account of the after-match “excellent dinner, provided by mine host of the Hope Inn, Chippenham.”  Chippenham Park was, I believe, jointly owned by Joseph Sidney Tharp and his elder brother John.  J S was a contemporary and acquaintance of famous cricketers of their time E H Budd and Squire Osbaldeston, but appears to have been better known for his partridge shooting grounds.  This first match report gives the impression that J S was definitely hosting the match in the same way that the Braybrookes of Audley End would do a few years later, but on a less grand scale.  This appears to be the last reference to Chippenham Victoria Club as such but cricket continued to be played at Chippenham Park, sporadically through the 40s and then more stably up until the 1870s.  Early opponents were Freckenham, Cheveley, Soham, Mildenhall, Newmarket, Fulbourn, Tuddenham and Cavenham and J S Tharp was regularly thanked for his patronage. 

Matches continued to be played against local villages until the mid-60s when, in 1865, Chippenham were defeated once by the Cambridge Victoria Club and, the following year, played the first of a string of annual matches against Cambridge University colleges.  For the next few years early season matches were played against Corpus Christi, Caius, Magdalene and  Trinity Hall. Following a six year gap, during which time J S Tharp died, these and local matches were reinstated.  Cambridge University cricket was a little in the shadow of the Cambridgeshire sides of the 1860s but was nonetheless developing, both by way of expanding the University Club’s fixtures and internally with the individual colleges increasing their activities.  Playing early season games against the likes of Chippenham, Ashley and Bottisham gave college teams valuable as well as enjoyable experience and presumably helped increase the standard of the game within the university.  Thus, in its early years, Chippenham cricket was notable for predicting the later trend of country house cricket and for playing a significant role in the development of the Cambridge University game.

Late starters
Two villages – Waresley, historically just over the border into Huntingdonshire, and Longstanton – appear to share starting to play the game formally relatively late compared with neighbouring villages.  Waresley does not seem to have had a club until 1873 at the latest, compared with nearby Bourne (1st match 1826), Longstowe (1826), Caxton (1833) Abbotsley(1845) and Eltisley(1853) which started considerably earlier.  Similarly Longstanton’s earliest match seems to be in 1880, compared with Swavesey (1844), Willingham (1850) and Over (1844).  Does anyone know why this might be?
town & village summaries 1822-48
The following is a summary, year by year, of matches played by the small towns and villages in Cambridgeshire between 1822-48.  I have more detail on these matches should you want it.  If so please get in touch.
1822 – Soham – Town 22 beat Club 11; Town 11 beat Club 11. Annals of Sporting Vol 2 p 118, July.

1822 – Newmarket lost twice to Bury St Edmonds. C Ch 30th Aug, H B P & C G 31st Aug & 14th Sept p 3.

1822 – Thorney lost twice to Peterborough. H B P & C G 21st & 28th Sept p 3.

1822 – Ickleton beat Cambridge “select” association. H B P & C G 29th June p 2.

1822 – Gentlemen of Fulbourn lost to Gentlemen of Cambridge. H B P & C G 14th Sept p 2.

1823 – Fulbourn – Some youths of Fulbourn beat some youths of Cambridge; beat Bottisham twice. H B P & C G 21st June & 9th Aug p 2.

1823 – Bottisham – lost to Fulbourn twice. H B P & C G 9th Aug p 2.

1823 – Little Abington – Single beat Married. C Ch 6th June p 2.

1823 – Newmarket won and lost to Bury St Edmonds. H B P & C G 23rd Aug, C Ch 12th Sept p2/?.

1823 – Wisbech beat Upwell. Stamford Mercury 10th Oct.

1824 – March lost to Peterborough. H B P & C G 24th July p 3.

1824 – Royston – 2 XI’s played each other. H B P & C G, 31st July p ?.

1824 – Thorney beat Eye. H B P & C Gth Sept p 3.

1824 – Fulbourn beat Cambridge Greyhound twice. H B P & C G 24th July & 7th Aug p 3.

1825 – Royston beat Bishop’s Stortford twice.H B P & C G 25th June & 23rd July p 2.

1825 – Fulbourn lost to Saffron Walden and played a single wicket match v Bottisham. C Ch 8th July p 4; H B P & C G 10th Sept p 2.

1825 – Newmarket lost to Bury St Edmonds twice and staged a single wicket match. Haygarth Vol I p 518 & 529; H B P & C G 3rd Sept p 2; Bell’s Life 31st July p 247.

1825 – March beat Ramsey twice; beat Thorney once and played return . “We are happy to find that this manly and noble game, which has for some years been on the decline in the Fens of Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire, is beginning to revive.” H B P & C G 16th, 23rd July, 13th Aug & 24th Sept, C Ch 23rd Sept p3/2/2/3/?.

1825 – Thorney lost to March once and played return. H B P & C G 24th Sept p 3.

1826 – March beat Walton & Walsoken twice; failed to attend a match for £100 v Huntingdon; won & lost to Downham Market, with advance notice of decider. CIP 29th July, 5th Aug, 19th Aug, 26th Aug & 2nd Sept; C Ch 15th Sept p 2/3/2/2/?.

1826 – Walton & Walsoken lost to march twice. H B P & C G 29th July p 2 & 5th Aug p2; B & N P 2nd Aug.

1826 – Ickleton won & lost to Duxford. H B P & C G 2nd & 23rd Sept p 2/3.

1826 – Duxford won & lost to Ickleton. H B P & C G 2nd & 23rd Sept p 2/3.

1826 – Long Stowe beat Bourn. C Ch 13th Oct. p 3.

1826 – Bourn lost to Long Stowe. C Ch 13th Oct. p 3.

1826 – Royston won & lost to Cambridge Junior Club. C Ch 14th July, H B P & C G 29th July p 3/2.

1826 – Newmarket with Cambridge & Saffron Walden lost to Bury St Edmunds twice. Haygarth Vol I, H B P & C G 26th Aug, B & NP 23rd Aug. p551/554/2/2.

1827 – Royston beat Hoddesdon & Broxbourne; won & lost to Biggleswade. H B P & C G 21st July p 2 & 1st & 15th Sept p 3/2.

1827 – Manea lost to Ramsey twice; single wicket. H B P & C G 28th July, 11th Aug & C Ch 5th Oct p 3.

1827 – March – won & lost to Cambridge Hoop, with advanced notice of decider; Junior Club beat Doddington; Town v Fen single wicket match; George Old Club beat Griffin club twice; March beat Chatteris twice; new club announced with Robert Glasscock as coach. H B P & C G 7th, 21st, 28th July, 1st, 8th, 22nd Sept & C Ch 22nd June, 17th Aug, Bell’s Life 27th July p 2/2/2/2/3/3/3/3/?.

1827 – Doddington lost to March Junior Club. H B P & C G 7th July

1827 – Chatteris lost to March twice, beat Ramsey twice; beat Huntingdon twice; end of season dinner. H B P & C G 18th &  25th Aug, 8th & 29th Sept p 2/2/3.

1827 – Linton – Club beat town. H B P & C G 22nd Sept p 3.

1827 – Ashley CC formed (?).

1827 – Upwell lost to Downham Market twice.

1828 – March – Imperial/Original lost to Wisbech once, with result of first match unknown; challenged clubs within 30 miles; new club beat Wisbech twice; lost to Cambridge Union twice. H B P & C G 31st May, 21st June, 16th,Aug 30th Aug, 13th & 27th Sept p 2/2/3/2/2/2.

1828 – Linton – Crown beat Town; beat Ashdon once, with notice of a return. C ? 12th July, H B P & C G 27th Sept p2/3.

1828 – Chatteris – beat St Ives; 2nd XI beat Doddington; challenged St Neot’s; held annual dinner. H B P & C G 19th July, 20th Sept, 11th Oct p 3/2/2, Bell’s Life 6th July p 4.

1828 – Thorney lost to Ramsey. H B P & C G 9th Aug p 3.

1828 – Royston lost to Hertford;  lost to Biggleswade. Bell’s Life 8th June p 4. H B P & C G 13th & 20th Sept p 2/3.

1828 – Wisbech beat March Imperial at least once; lost to March new club twice.

1828 – Ely – Married beat Single. C Ch 26th Sept p 3.

1828 – Doddington – lost to Chatteris 2nd XI.

1828 – Chesterton – lost to Cambridge Castle. H B P & C G 19th July p 2

1828 – Newmarket – juniors won & lost to Cambridge Castle. H B P & C G 2nd Aug, C Ch 8th Aug p2/ 3.

1828 – Cambridge Union challenged County of Cambridge and Isle of Ely and a mixed team from March, Wisbech, Chatteris and King’s Lynn.

1828 Stearn, Boning and Davies of Cambridge challenged any from Cambridgeshire and Isle of Ely.

1829 – Chatteris lost to Biggleswade twice; held annual dinner. H B P & C G 1st & 15th Aug p 3/2.

1829 – March lost to Potton who threatened to “wop” their opponents if they could not win at cricket; beat St Ives; challenged any team from the Isle of Ely; lost to Cambridge Castle twice. H B P & C G 27th June p 2/3 & 1st, 27th Aug, 12th Sept p 2.

1829 – Thorney beat Market Deeping; beat and lost to Whittlesey. H B P & C G 25th July, 12th Sept & 3rd Oct p 3/2/3.

1829 – Whittlesey beat and lost to Thorney.

1829 – Royston lost to Saffron Walden twice; Junior club notice to play Baldock; with Biggleswade and Hitchin match v Cambridge abandoned, having not agreed a date. C Ch 31st July p 3. H B P & C G 18th July, 22nd Aug p 2/3.

1829 – Ely won & lost to Mildenhall. H B P & C G 15th Aug p 2.

1829 – Wisbech played disputed match with Spalding  H B P & C G 10th Oct p 2.

1829 – Notice of  Cambridge Union v Huntingdonshire and Isle of Ely.

1830 – Royston Juniors lost  return to Potton and played a 1st match; played Seniors.  H B P & C G 29th May & 26th June p 2/3; Bell’s Life 8th Aug p 3.

1830 – Wisbech beat Thorney once and played a 1st match, for £22; won & lost to Thorney at single wicket. Bell’s Life 1st, 22nd Aug, H B P & C G 1st Oct p 3.

1830 – Thorney lost to Wisbech at least once; won & lost to Wisbech at single wicket

1830 – Chatteris challenged Islington Canonbury, Biggleswade and any club within 20 miles; beat March twice; held annual dinner. H B P & C G 3rd July, 2nd & 30th Oct, Bell’s Life 18th July p 2/2/2/3.

1830 – March lost to Chatteris twice.

1831 – March – single wicket. H B P & C G 2nd July p 3.

1831 – Newmarket – 5-a-side single wicket for a pony. Bell’s Life, 31st July p 3.

1831 – Wisbech won & lost (twice) to Downham Market. H B P & C G 13th Aug, C Ch 9th Sept, Bell’s Life 11th Sept p ?/2/3.

1831 – Chatteris – beat Cambridge Castle twice; end of season dinner; challenge to players of Huntingdon and Isle of Ely. H B P & C G 28th May; 25th June, 16th July & 15th Oct p 2.

1831 – Chesterton lost to Ashdon twice. C Ch 9th & H B P & C G 17th Sept p 2.

1832 – Wisbech lost to Elm &and (with 2 of Chatteris) beat Downham Market twice. C Ch 13th July p 3; H B P & C G 11th Aug.

1832 – Elm – lost to Wisbech.

1832 – Chesterton – Married beat Single; beat Ashdon twice, beat Huntingdon and Godmanchester twice; Juniors won & lost to Ely. H B P & C G 14th, 24th, 28th July, 4th, 10th Aug, 13th Oct & 3rd Nov p 2.

1832 – Ely – won & lost to Chesterton Juniors.

1832 – Newmarket lost to Bury twice, lost to Cambridge Castle twice. C Ch 31st Aug, 16th Sept, H B P & C G 1st & 8th Sept p 3/2.

1832 – Chatteris – single wicket v Saffron Walden, single wicket challenge; single wicket internal. H B P & C G 16th & 23rd June, 21st July; Bell’s Life 27th May p 2/3 & 23rd Sept p3.

1832 – March – single wicket challenge to Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Bedfordshire or Hertfordshire. Bell’s Life 12th March p 3.

1832 – Mepal bt Sutton. H B P & C G 29th Sept p 2.

1833 – Chesterton – challenge St Neots; Roebuck Club beat St Neots twice, beat Newmarket twice. H B P & C G 22nd & 29th June, 20th July & 23rd Aug p 2/3/2.

1833 – Newmarket lost to Bury St Edmunds twice, lost to Chesterton twice, juniors won & lost to Cambridge juniors. H B P & C G 14th Sept, C Ch 19th July & 17th Aug p 2/3/2.

1833 – March 8 played 2; Juniors beat Chatteris twice; lost single wicket to Chatteris; challenged by Chatteris. H B P & C G 31st Aug & 7th Sept p 2.

1833 – Chatteris – challenged March, beat March at single wicket; juniors lost to March twice; end of season dinner provided by Thomas Skeels Fryer. “Report says the club is as strong as ever in good players; this may be true, but there has been no trial of strength this year.” “How many had their wickets lowered by that prince of bowlers, Sir John Barleycorn, our informant sayeth not…” H B P & C G 31st Aug, 7th Sept & 26th Oct p 2.

1833 – Whittlesey lost to Ramsey twice. C Ch 13th & 20th Sept p 2.

1833 – Bourn beat Caxton twice. H B P & C G 14th & 28th Sept p 2.

1833 – Caxton lost to Bourn twice. H B P & C G 14th & 28th Sept p 2.

1833 – Sutton played St Ives(?); beat Mepal twice with 1st match unknown. C Ch 20th Sept, H B P & C G 12th Oct p 2.

1833 – Mepal lost to Sutton at least once. H B P & C G 12th Oct p 2.

1833 – Ely match between friends. H B P & C G 24th Aug.

1834 – March – East tied with West; lost to Downham Market and 2nd match unfinished. H B P & C G 3rd May, Bell’s Life 27th April & 29th June p 2/3/3.

1834 – Ely – Single beat Married, with return match result unknown. H B P & C G 17th May, 30th Aug & 13th Sept p2.

1834 – Newmarket – Senior Club lost to Juvenile Blues. C Ch 25th July p 3.

1834 – Chesterton challenged Chatteris. H B P & C G 19th July p 2.

1834 – Elm – lost once with return result unknown at single wicket to Upwell. H B P & C G 2nd Aug p 2.

1834 – French Drove Union/Thorney Fen won & lost and won a decider to Long Sutton.  H B P & C G 13th & 19th Sept p 3.

1834 – Chatteris lost to Downham Market twice; challenged any club of one parish within 20 miles; were challenged by Chatteris; accepted a challenge from Cambridge at single wicket. H B P & C G 31st May, 21st June, 19th July, C Ch 30th May, 26th Sept, Bell’s Life 21st Sept & 5th Oct p 2/2/2/2/2/3/3.

1835 – Chatteris challenged any club within 20 miles, beat Downham Market twice; were challenged by March; end of season dinner. Finished season in August to concentrate on harvest and hunting season. H B P & C G 6th June, 8th, 15th Aug, 10th Oct, C Ch 21st Aug, Bell’s Life 19th July p 2/2/2/2/2/3.

1835 – March – match between two XI’s, challenged Chatteris. H B P & C G 9th May & 15th Aug p 2.

1835 – Chesterton – lost to Hitchin twice; single wicket match (see 23rd June); won and lost to Bishop’s Stortford with possible decider, result unknown. C Ch 26th June, H B P & C G 29th Aug, 5th & 19th Sept p 2/?/?/?.

1835 – Wisbech lost to Spalding with return result unknown. H B P & C G 8th Aug p 2.

1835 – Fordham beat Newmarket with return result unknown. H B P & C G 19th Sept p 2.

1835 – Newmarket – lost to Fordham with return result unknown; youths beat Cambridge Albion with return unfinished. H B P & C G 20th June, 19th Sept p 2; Bell’s Life 21st June p 2/2/3.

1835 – Fulbourn won & lost to Cambridge Castle H B P & C G 1st Aug, 12th Sept, 19th Sept, C Ch 31st July p 2/2/2/3.

1835 – Thorney CC aiming to be re-established. Stamford Mercury 15th May.

1835 – Thorney Fen lost to Spalding. Stamford Mercury 10th July.

1835 – Parson drove lost to Long Sutton. Stamford Mercury 17th July

1835 – French Drove beat Gedney Hill & Parson Drove with return unfinished. Stamford Mercury 17th & 21st July.

1836 – Chatteris challenged Huntingdonshire. H B P & C G 4th June p 2.

1836 – March challenged any town within 20 miles, lost to Lynn twice; lost to Bourne (Lincs) twice. H B P & C G 2nd, 16th, 22nd July, 20th Aug, N Ch 2nd & 30th July p 2/2/2/2/2/3.

1836 – Wisbech won & lost to Spalding. Bell’s Life 10th & 24th July p ?/3.

1836 – Fulbourn played Newmarket; lost to Fordham at least once. H B P & C G 16th July, C Ch 16th Sept p 2.

1836 – Newmarket – played Fulbourn. H B P & C G 1st Aug p 2.

1836 – Royston – juniors won & lost to Cambridge Albion. H B P & C G 10th & 17thSept p ?

1836 – French Drove won & lost to Holbeach. Stamford Mercury 15 July & 5th Aug.

1836 – French Drove bt Boston. Stamford Mercury 8th & 15th July.

1837 – March, 2 matches between Club members; won & lost to Cambridge Castle. Bell’s Life 21st May, H B P & C G 22nd July, 23rd Sept p 4/? C Ch 16th, 23rd Sept p 2/4, Haygarth Vol II p 432. CIP 23rd Sept, p ?/4/?/2/4/43/2/4.

1837 – Linton new ground. H B P & C G 10th June p 4.

1837 – Wisbech beat Long Sutton twice; lost to Thorney twice.H B P & C G 17th June, 5th Aug, C Ch 15th July p 3/4/4.

1837 – Thorney – beat Wisbech twice; lost to Spalding with 1st match unknown. Thorney Abbey Victoria challenged French Drove. H B P & C Gd Sept p ; Lincs Ch 31 Aug. 

1837 – Ely – Single beat Married; Tradesmen beat Challengers; lost to Southery with return unknown. H B P & C G 19th Aug, 23rd Sept, C Ch 26th Aug p 8/3/2.

1837 – Southery beat Ely with return unknown.

1837 – Royston beat Buntingford twice; lost to Baldock. H B P & C G 19th Aug & 23rd Sept p 8. Hertford Mercry 25th July.

1837 – Newmarket (Crown) beat & drew with Bury; 10 gents played each other. C Ch 26th Aug, Bell’s Life 3rd Sept, H B P & C G 9th Sept p 2/4/4.

1837 – Fordham lost to Ashley with 1st match unknown. C Ch 23rd Sept p 2.

1837 – Ashley beat Fordham with 1st match unknown. C Ch 23rd Sept p 2.

1837 – French Drove beat Peterborough twice with possible match in between; beat Spalding with 1st match unkown; challenged by Thorney Abbey Victoria for £50. C Ch 16th Sept, CIP 23rd Sept p 8; Bell’s Life 9th July.

1837 – West Wratting beat Borough Green. H B P & C G 30th Sept p 4.

1837 – Borough Green lost to West Wratting. H B P & C G 30th Sept p 4.

1838 – March – match between members; lost to St Ives; lost to Whittlesey with 1st match result unknown. H B P & C G 19th May, 23rd June, 21st July, C Ch 16th June, Bell’s Life 9th Aug &  12th Aug p3/3/3/3/4.

1838 – Fulbourn challenged any village within 15 miles. C Ch 21st July p 2.

1838 – Whittlesey – beat March with 1st match unknown, won & lost to Thorney. Bell’s Life 9th July & 12th Aug, 23rd Sept p 4.

1838 – Ashley beat and drew with Bury Abbey Club. B&NP 27th June, Bell’s Life 29th July p 2/3.
1838 – Royston beat Baldock possibly with a 1st match unknown result; lost to Biggleswade with Potton, Shefford, Beeston and Sandy; single wicket match. C Ch 23rd June, 21st July, Bell’s Life 9th Sept & 7th Oct p 2/3/4/4

1838 – Balsham lost to Linton. H B P & C G 7th July p 3.

1838 – Chatteris lost to St Ives with return result unknown. C Ch 4th Aug, Bell’s Life 12th Aug p 3/4.

1838 – Newmarket drew & lost to St Ives. C Ch 4th Aug p 3.

1838 – Ely beat Soham twice. H B P & C G, C Ch 1st Sept p 3.

1838 – Soham won & lost to Mildenhall, lost to Ely twice; won (three times) & lost to Cambridge at single wicket. H B P & C G 18th Aug, 1st, 15th, 26th Sept, 6th & 13th Oct p 3/3/3/2/3/2.

1838 – Linton beat Sawston with Pampisford and Whittlesford with 1st match result unknown, beat Balsham. H B  P & C G 7th July. 15th Sept p 3/2.

1838 – Sawston – with Pampisford & Whittlesford lost to Linton with 1st match result unknown. H B P & C G 15th Sept p 2.

1838 – Thorney won & lost to Whittlesey. Bell’s Life 23rd Sept p 4.

1838 – Thorney Abbey beat French Drove Union Juniors 8 a side. Bell’s Life 14th Oct p 4.

1838 – French Drove – Juniors lost to Thorney Abbey 8 a side;challenge; played Spalding. Star in the East 14th April; Bell’s Life 14th Oct p 4; Stamford Mercury 8th June.

1838 – Bourne (Lincs) – sgle wkt match included Gibbs of Thorney. Lincs Ch. 20th July

1839 – March – match between members; new club house; won & lost to Ramsey. C Ch 20th July, Bell’s Life 14th July, C I P 20th July & 1st June p 3/4/3/3.

1839 – Wisbech – Daybreak v Schoolboys; won & lost to Long Sutton at least once. C Ch 15th June & 21st Sept p 2. Stamford Mercury 9th Sept; C I P 14th Sept; Bell’s Life 22nd Sept.

1839 – French Drove – Union 6-a-side match; accepted St Ives’ challenge. Bell’s Life 9th June p 4.

1839 – Royston – won & lost to Ware; single wicket match. C Ch 6th July, C I P 6th & 20th July, Bell’s Life 18th Aug p 2/3/3/4.

1839 – Linton – beat Fulbourn twice; beat Radwinter. C I P 13th July, 17th Aug, C Ch 13th July, Bell’s Life 21st July p 3/2/2/4.

1839 – Fulbourn – lost to Linton twice

1839 – Comberton – beat Haslingfield with 1st match unknown. Bell’s Life 4th Aug. p 4, C I P 27th July p 3.

1839 – Haslingfield – lost to Comberton with 1st match unknown result. Bell’s Life 4th Aug. p 4, C I P 27th July p 3.

1839 – Ashley – lost to Steeple Bumpstead twice; lost to Ixworth. Chelmsford Ch 12th July; Bell’s Life 28th July, B&NP 18th Sept p 4/3.

1839 – Barrington won (twice) and lost to Melbourne. C I P 17th Aug. p 2.

1839 – Melbourn – won & lost (twice) to Barrington. C I P 17th Aug. p 2.

1839 – Fordham – 11 youths won (twice) & lost to Mr. Gunton’s Academy of Soham. C I P 10th & 17th Aug p 3/2.

1839 – Soham beat Mildenhall; Mr Gunton’s Academy won & lost twice to Fordham youths. C Ch 24th Aug, C I P10th & 17th Aug p 3/3/2.

1839 – Willingham beat Bluntisham-cum-Earith. C I P 10th Aug p 3.

1839 – Whittlesey lost to Ramsey twice.C I P 17th Aug. p 3.

1839 – Newmarket cancelled match with St Ives. C Ad 21st Aug p 15.

1840 – Royston – practice match;  lost to Ware twice; challenged Hitchin & Hatfield. ? 24th May; C I P 11th & 18th July.

1840 – Linton beat Radwinter twice; beat Ashdon with a possible 1st match result unknown; juniors beat Camps; lost to Steeple Bumpstead. C I P 11th, 25th July, 22nd Aug, 12th Sept & 19th Sept p 1/2/?/3/3/4.

1840 – Camps (?) – lost to Linton juniors.

1840 – Newmarket beat Bury St Edmunds twice; drew with St Ives with 1st match result unknown; won & drew with Ashley.CI P 18th July, 5th Sept, Bell’s Life 19th July, 27th Sept, C Ch 1st Aug, C Ad 12th Aug p ?/3/4/4/?/228.

1840 – Ashley beat Baythorne End twice; lost to Bury St Edmunds with 1st match result unknown; drew & lost to Newmarket. C I P 1st Aug , Bell’s Life 2nd Aug, B & NP 29th July p3/4/2.

1840 – March 1st XI won & lost to 2nd XI x 2; Tailors beat shoemakers; beat Ramsey ; said to be playing Cambridge Victoria; season closing match. C I P 5th July, 1st, 8th Aug & 26th Sept, 3rd Oct p 3/3/4/4/?.

1841 – Linton – Juniors challenged other parishes & lost to Saffron Walden; beat Willingham twice; lost to Hellion’s Bumpstead, won & lost to Newport (twice); 6 youths lost & won  to Saffron Walden; won & lost to Sawston; lost to Newport with 1st & 2nd match results unknown. C I P 8th May, 26th June & 3rd July, 18th Sept, ? Oct, C Ch 28th Aug, 11th & 25th Sept, Bell’s Life 29th Aug p 3/3/3/3/?/7/2/2/4.

1841 – Sawston – won & lost to Linton.

1841 – Newmarket – Rutland Club lost to Ashley twice;  St Ives hoped to play; coached by Redgate; beat Bury St Edmunds twice; beat Swaffham of Norfolk; drew & lost to CTC. C I P 8th May, C Ch 4th & 18th Sept p 2.Bell’s Life 18th July, 1st, 15th Aug, 7th & 21st Aug p 3/2/2/4/4/3/2.(?)

1841 – Willingham, Single beat Married; youths lost to St Ives; lost to Linton twice; beat Cambridge George. C Ch 5th June, 7th Aug, C I P 14th, 21st Aug 25th Sept p 2/2/3/3/3.

1841 – Ashley v Bury St Edmunds result unclear with postponed return match; juniors beat Cheveley twice; beat Mildenhall twice; beat Newmarket Rutland twice. Bell’s Life 20th June, 18th July & 1st Aug, 19th & 26th Sept p 2/4/?/4/4.

1841 – Cheveley lost to Ashley twice; bt Borough Green x 2. Bell’s Life 1st & 15th Aug p 4/3.

1841 – Royston – under-14’s beat Buntingford twice; match between tradesmen; 2 under-14’s challenge 2 others; with Buntingford lost to Bishop’s Stortford with return result unknown. C Ch 31st July, Bell’s Life 5th Sept p 2/4.

1841 – Borough Green won & lost to Cheveley. Bell’s Life 1st & 15th Aug p 4/3.

1841 – Ely Tradesmen beat three times. C Ch 28th Aug, C I P 4th Sept p 7/3.

1841 – Fordham beat Swaffham with 1st match unknown. C I P 25th Sept p ?

1841 – Swaffham lost to Fordham with1st match unknown; lost to Quy with Bottisham. C I P 25th Sept & 9th Oct p ?/3.

1841 – Quy & Bottisham beat Swaffham for £25. C I P 9th Oct p 3.

1841 – March – Married won & drew with Single; lost to St Ives with 1st match unknown; beat  Cambridge Victoria; inhabitants praised for liberal support of cricket. C I P 1st May p 3,8th May, 12th June, 10th July, 7th, 14th Aug, C Ch 8th May, 3rd (?) July, 18th Sept, Bell’s Life 13th June p 3/3/4/3/3/3/3/2/2/4.

1841 – Doddington – Young bt old;sgle wkt match v Chatteris. C I P 7th Aug p 2.

1842 – March – match between members; ; beat to Wisbech Albion; beat Peterborough with return; won & lost to Downham; lost to Doddington Granby with 1st match unknown; accepted Wisbech challenge; beat Wisbech at single wicket with return. CIP 30th April, 11th, 25th June, 16th, 23rd & 30th July, 6th, 13th Aug, Bell’s Life 1st May & 5th, 19th June, C Ch 18th June p 3/3/4/3/3/3/1//3/4/4/2, 2nd July; C Ad 20th July.

1842 – Wisbech –  lost to Leverington at single wicket; 3 new clubs – The Albion, Britannia and an unnamed side of “exclusives”; Albion beat Elm twice at single wicket, beat March and refused further challenge, won & lost to Parson Drove & villages, beat Spaalding at single wicketchallenged other teams under 25 years, with Britannia beat Spalding, took a steamboat trip to Hunstanton (?) ; Britannia Single beat Married, lost to Elm & Emneth twice; quarterly meeting . C Ch 14th May, CIP 11th June, 16th, 30th July, 10th, 17th Sept, C Ad 22nd June, 6th, 20th July, 10th Aug, C Ch 25th June(?), 6th Aug p 3/4/3&4/3/2/6/3/3/4/1/(?)/3, Linc Ch 12th Aug,21st Oct.

1842 – Willingham –St George’s –  single wicket; Married played Single; beat Doddington with return; Willingham beat St Ives; split into 2 clubs at George and Windmill pubs. CIP 21st May, 25th June, 23rd July p 2/3/3.

1842 – Swaffham tied, won & lost to Bottisham; with Ashley beat Bottisham with Swaffham. CIP 21st May, 18th June, 9th July, 30th July p 2/2/4/3.

1842 – Ashley lost to Mildenhall four times; with Swaffham beat Bottisham with Swaffham. Bell’s Life 29th May, 31st July, B&NP 20th July p 4/4/2.

1842 – Elm – lost to Crowland at least once, won 5 matches out of 6, with Emneth beat Wisbech Britannia twice lost to Wisbech Albion twice at single wicket. C Ch 2nd July, C Ad 6th July p 3.

1842 – Linton drew with Audley End twice; beat & drew with Saffron Walden; beat Ashdon; lost to Steeple Bumpstead; lost to Gt Sampford. CIP 2nd, 30th July, C Ch 23rd July, Bell’s Life 11th, 18th & 25th Sept p 1/3/2/4/4; Chelmsford Ch 24th June, 22nd July.

1842 – Newmarket drew with Swaffham (Norf) with County of Norfolk; beat Audley End; lost to Bishop’s Stortford twice; beat Bury St Edmunds with return. CIP 9th July, 10th Sept, Bell’s Life 3rd July, 7th, 21st, 28th Aug, C Ch 3rd Sept p 4/2/3/3/3/4/2.

1842 – Fordham won & lost to Tuddenham & Cavenham (twice). CIP 9th & 16th July p 4/3.

1842 – Haddenham & Hardwicke beat Warboys twice. CIP 9th, 30th July, C Ch 6th & 13th Aug. p 3.

1842 – Doddington beat Wimblington; Granby beat Chatteris twice, beat March with 1st match unknown; lost to Willingham with return unknown; single wicket match. CIP 16th, 30th July, 6th & 13th Aug p 3/3/3/1.

1842 – Wimblington – lost to Doddington

1842 – Bottisham – beat Fulbourn; with Fulbourn lost to Carrington family of Potton & Biggleswade; won & tied to Swaffham; with Swaffham lost to Ashley with Swaffham. CIP 21st May, 18th June, 9th, 16th & 30th July p 2/2/4/4/3.

1842 – Fulbourn – lost to Bottisham; with Bottisham lost to Carrington family of Potton & Biggleswade.

1842 – Chatteris Club lost to Town; beat Ely three times; lost to Doddington Granby twice. CIP 16th July, 6th & 13th Aug p 3.

1842 – Ely – cricket being revived by Mr Oldham the druggist, lost to Chatteris three times; Bell Inn beat City Players. B&NP 3rd Aug, CIP 9th April, 16th July, 6th & 13th Aug p 3.

1842 – Soham – Victoria Club won & lost to Mildenhall Albert Club. Bell’s Life 7th Aug, C Ch 24th Sept p 3/2.

1842 – Parson Drove lost to Outwell (Tips-end Club) x 2; with villages won & lost to Wisbech Albion. C Ch 20th Aug p 3; Lincs Ch 7th Oct.

1842 – Royston Single beat Married. CIP 27th Aug p 3.

1842 – Ickleton 4 beat 2 of Chesterford with 2 of Saffron Walden. ? 3rd/4th/5th Sept p ?.

1842 – Sawston beat Newport twice. CIP 10th Sept & 8th Oct p 2/3.

1842 – Leverington – beat March at single wicket; beat Wisbech at single wicket. C I P 10th Sept.

1842 – Thorney & Crowland lost to Spalding. Lincs Ch 12th Aug.

1843 – Ely Albion Cricket Club reformed. C Ch 22nd April p 3.

1843 – March – Single beat Married; won & lost to Elm with Emneth; challenged winner of Peterborough v St Ives & any club in Huntingdon shire, Isle of Ely or within 30 miles; drew with Doddington twice, March accused of declining a decider;  match v St Ives called off. C Ch 6th May, 8th, 29th July, CIP 6th May, 22th July p 4, 5th Aug, 26th Aug, Bell’s Life 30th July p 3/2/3/3/3/3/3.

1843 – Wisbech – Albion beat Parson Drove Single Wicket, Two Albion XI’s match, lost to Elm twice, won & lost to Doddington; played Crowland (?); end of season dinner; single wicket match; lost to Lynn twice; single wicket v Lynn rained off. CIP 20th May, 1st & 19th July, 5th, 19th Aug, 23rd Sept, C Ad 21st June, Bell’s Life 2nd July, 6th Aug C Ad 2nd, 9th Aug, C Ch 5th Aug, 13th Sept  & 14th Oct p 3/3/?/1/3/3/1/4/3/1/3/3.

1843 – Chippenham Victoria beat Freckenham Prince Albert twice; won & lost to Worlington. CIP 3rd, 24th June 5th Aug & B&NP p 3.

1843 – Linton – with Cambridge drew with Audley End; Victoria lost to Saffron Walden Prince Albert with 1st match result unknown; drew & lost to Audley End; won & lost to Ickleton; Juniors won (twice) & lost to Saffron Walden; received a challenge from Cambridge Albion. CIP 24th June, 22nd July, 5th, 12th Aug, Bell’s Life 23rd April, 11th June 23rd July & 3rd Sept p 3/3/3/3/4/4/4/4.

1843 – Swaffham with Bottisham beat Borough Green twice; played Burwell. CIP 17th June, C Ch 29th July p ?/2; B & N P 3rd April 1844.

1843 – Bottisham with Swaffham beat Borough Green twice. CIP 17th June, C Ch 29th July p ?/2.

1843 – Borough Green lost to Swaffham with Bottisham twice. CIP 17th June, C Ch 29th July p ?/2.

1843 – Willingham – Albert beat St George’s twice; Married played Single (?). CIP 3rd June 5th & 12th Aug p 3.

1843 – Kirtling – won & lost to Kedington; won & lost to Fordham; beat Mildenhall twice; with Helion Bumpstead played Bishop’s Stortford. Bell’s Life 25th June, 30th July, CIP 8th July, Bell’s Life23rd July & 6th Aug (?) C Ad 9th Aug p 3/3/4/3/?/1.

1843 – Doddington beat Parson Drove twice, drew with March twice, won & lost to Wisbech twice. CIP 24th June & 8th July p 3/2.

1843 – Royston – lost to Bishop’s Stortford twice; drew & lost to Potton; won & lost to Rickland Green; boys played Buntingford; lost to Baldock at single wicket. C Ad 28th June, 12th July p. Bell’s Life 9th, 16th July, 3rd Sept, 8th Oct, CIP 22nd July, 5th Aug, C Ch 12th Aug & 23rd Sept p 1/1/4/3/4/4/3/3/3/2.

1843 – Elm & Emneth – beat Crowland; challenged March; won & lost to March; beat Wisbech twice end of season match. Bell’s Life 16th July, ? 6th/7th or 8th Oct (?), 26th May 1844 p 3/?/4.

1843 – Fordham – beat Haddenham twice; won & lost to Kirtling C Ch 29th July, C Ad 9th Aug p 3/2.

1843 – Haddenham – lost to Fordham twice; won and lost to Cambridge Royal George at least once with deciding match possible but no result known. CIP 24th June, C Ch 24th June, 8th, 29th July, C Ad. 9th Aug p 3/3/2/3/2.

1843 – Parson Drove – beat Whittlesey twice, lost to Wisbech single wicket; lost to Doddington twice C Ch 29th July, 12th Aug, CIP 24th June & 8th July p 3/3/3/2.

1843 – Whittlesey – lost to Parson Drove twice; Young Prince of Wales beat Thorney Pickwick C Ch 29th July, 12th Aug, C I P 2nd Sept. 1843 p 3.

1843 – Granchester beat Sawston. CIP 5th Aug p 3.

1843 – Soham Married beat Single. C Ad 9th Aug p 2.

1843 – Hinxton – Porter beat Ickleton at Single wicket and challenged any member of the Ickleton Club for £5, which was agreed to by Ickleton. Bell’s Life 13th & 20th Aug p 4.

1843 – Ickleton challenge similar sized parish within 20 miles; won & lost to Linton; Boning for Ickleton; lost to Hinxton at single wicket and agreed further challenge. Married beat Single. CIP 16th Sept, Bell’s Life 13th, 20th Aug, 24th Sept p 3/4/4/4.

1843 – Thorney beat Deeping; Pickwick lost to Whittlesey Young Prince of Wales CIP 2nd & 23rd Sept p 3.

1843 – Burwell played Swaffham. B & N P 3rd April 1844.

Fulbourn/Saffron Walden/ Bottisham drew and won with Cambridge Amateurs. C I P 7th Oct & 14th Oct p 3.

1844 – Ickleton – lost to Audley End; lost to Kirtling twice; beat Barrington twice. Bell’s Life 28th April, 7th July, CIP 22nd June, 6th July, 14th, & 21st Sept p 3/4/3/3/3/2; 

1844 – Chatteris – New club; beat Elm & Emneth twice; beat March twice; beat Haddenham; Lyon of Chat for Visitors v Somersham; (w March) played Wisbech & Peterborough C Ch 4th May 6th, 29th June 13th July, CIP 29th June, 3rd, 17th Aug, Bell’s Life 18th Aug p 3. Lincs Ch 6th Sept.

1844 – Guilden Morden – lost to Stotfold. Bell’s Life 19th May p 3.

1844 – Wisbech – Albion Married played Single; Albion challenge; won & lost to Crowland; won & lost to Peterborough; Wisbech beat Parson Drove twice; beat Elm at single wicket twice; won & lost to Lynn; Earl of Hardwicke enrolled as honorary member of Wisbech CC; (w Peterborough) played March & Chatteris. CIP 11th May, C Ch 18th May, 8th, 15th, 29th June, 13th, 27th July, C Ch 20th July, 24th, 31st Aug; C Ad 19th June, 31st July, 18th & 25th Sept p 3/3/2/3/3/3/?/3/3/3/3/3; . Stamford Mercury 12th July; Lincs Ch 6th Sept.

1844 – Elm- lost to Wisbech at single wicket twice; with Emneth won and lost to Crowland, lost to Chatteris twice C Ch 25th May, Bell’s Life 26th May, CIP 1st June p 3/4/3.

1844 – Parson Drove lost to Long Sutton; lost to Wisbech twice. Bell’s Life 16th June p 4.

1844 – Granchester beat Melbourn twice. CIP & C Ch 22nd June p 3.

1844 – Royston – lost to Bishop’s Stortford twice; single wicket match x 2; won (twice) & lost (twice) to Melbourn at single wicket; beat Biggleswade twice; beat & drew with Saffron Walden; won (twice) & lost (?) to Shepreth with Fowlmere. C Ch 24th Aug, Bell’s Life 30th June, 7th July, 25th Aug, 8th Sept, C Ad 31st July, CIP 3rd, 31st Aug, 7th, 21st Sept, ? 16/17/18th Aug p 3/4/3/4/3/3/4/3/3/3/?.

1844 – Litlington lost to Kelshall after 3 innings, the 1st and 2nd being tied. CIP 27th July p 3.

1844 – Newmarket – Westley’s side beat Symond’s side. C Ch 17th Aug. p 2.

1844 – Willingham – beat Somersham, beat Doddington twice. CIP 29th June, 20th July, & 3rd Aug p 3.

1844 – Doddington – lost to Willingham twice

1844 – Haddenham – 2nd Eleven beat Over twice; lost to Chatteris; Haddenham (Hardwicke) beat Cambridge Royal George twice. CIP 22nd June, 6th July, C Ch 22nd, 29th June, 27th July p 3/3/2/3/2.

1844 – Kirtling – lost to Worlington at least once; Kirtling beat Ickleton twice. CIP 13th July p 3.

1844 – Shepreth – beat Royston at single wicket; with Fowlmere won  & lost (twice) to Royston. CIP 20th July p 3.

1844 – Melbourn – beat Barrington twice; lost to Granchester twice; won (twice) & lost (twice) to Royston at single wicket CIP 22nd June, 20th, 27th July, C Ch 22nd June p 3.

1844 – Barrington – lost to Melbourn twice; lost to Ickleton twice

1844 – Wisbech St Mary’s – beat St Edmund’s; beat Walpole. ? 26/7/8th July p ?; Lincs Ch 9th Aug.

1844 – Swavesey – beat Over at least once; beat Fenstanton twice. CIP 27th July, 3rd Aug, 28th Sept p 3/3/1.

1844 – Over – lost to Swavesey at least once

1844 – Fowlmere – with Shepreth won (?) & lost (twice) to Royston; beat Foxton. CIP 3rd Aug. p 3.

1844 – Foxton – lost to Fowlmere. CIP 3rd Aug. p 3.

1844 – Whittlesey played Peterborough juveniles (?); Albion beat Prince of Wales. C Ad 31st July, CIP 7th Sept p 3/?.

1844 – Ely – Youths won & lost to Mr Trigg’s Academy. CIP 24th Aug, 7th Sept. p 3.

1844 – Linton – beat Saffron Walden twice; Town beat Odd Fellows. C Ch 24th Aug, CIP 7th & 21st Sept, C Ad 18th Sept p 2/3/2/?. p ?

1844 – March – single wicket match x 2; lost to Chatteris twice; (with Chatteris) played Wisbech & Peterborough. CIP 14th Sept. p 3; Lincs Ch 6th Sept.

1844 – Harston – beat Haslingfield. CIP 21st Sept. p 2.

1844 – Haslingfield – lost to Harston. CIP 21st Sept. p 2.

1844 – Swaffham – drew with Bottisham; Single beat Married. CIP 28th Sept, 5th Oct. p 1/3.

1844 – Bottisham – drew with Swaffham; with Fulbourn lost to CT&CC 2nd XI twice. CIP 13th July, 28th Sept, C Ch 27th July p 3/1/2.

1844 – Fulbourn – with Bottisham lost to CT&CC 2nd XI twice. CIP 13th July, C Ch 27th July p 3/2.

1844 – Walsoken beat West Walton. C Ad 2nd Oct p 1.

1844 – Soham Classical School beat Soham CC. CIP 5th Oct. p 3.

1844 – Cheveley beat Chippenham. The Era 11th Aug.

1845 – Ickleton – beat Weedon (Northants) at single wicket; won & lost to Barrington with a possible deciding match; single wicket match. Bell’s Life 8th June, CIP 5th, 26th July, 13th Sept p 4/3/2/3.

1845 – Swavesey – beat Fenstanton. CIP 7th June p 2.

1845 – Royston – lost to Potton & Biggleswade twice; beat and drew with CT&CC (19 barred); lost to Bishop’s Stortford twice; won & lost to Biggleswade with Potton & Shefford. CIP 5th, 12th, 19th July, 2nd, 30th Aug, C Ch 5th, 12th July, 23rd Aug p 3/3/?/3/3/2/2.

1845 – Swaffham – lost to Bottisham; drew with Bottisham v Fordham; notice with Fulbourn & Bottisham of playing CT&CC. C Ch 5th July, 9th Aug p 2; C I P 9th Aug p 3.

1845 – Bottisham – with Swaffham drew with Fordham; notice with Fulbourn & Swaffham of playing CT&CC; beat Swaffham. C Ch 5th July, 9th Aug p 2; C I P 9th Aug p 3.

1845 – Fordham – lost to Bottisham with Swaffham. C Ch 5th July p 2.

1845 – Thriplow – beat Fowlmere. CIP 12th July p 3.

1845 – Fowlmere – lost to Thriplow. CIP 12th July p 3.

1845 – Fulbourn – Single beat Married (with T Townley); – notice with Bottisham & Swaffham of playing CT&CC; lost to Cambridge George. CIP 26th July, 9th Aug, C Ad 1st Oct p 3/2/3.

1845 – Newmarket – lost to Mildenhall twice. CIP 19th July p 2; C Ch 9th Aug. p 2.

1845 – Harston – beat Melbourn twice. CIP 12th & 26th July p 3.

1845 – Melbourn – lost to Harston twice. CIP 12th & 26th July p 3.

1845 – Wisbech beat Holbeach. CIP 19th July p 2.

1845 – Willingham beat Swavesey twice; lost to Potton with 1st match unknown. CIP 12th, 26th July, 2nd & 16th Aug p 2/3/3/4.

1845 – Swavesey – lost to Willingham twice

1845 – Barrington – won (twice) & lost to Sawston; won & lost to Ickleton with deciding match unknown. CIP 26th July, 9th Aug p 3/2.

1845 – Sawston won and lost (twice) to Barrington. CIP 26th July, 9th Aug p 3/2.

1845 – Elm and Emneth – lost to Long Sutton twice. C Ch 26th July, 16th Aug p 3.

1845 – Haddenham – Haddenham & Hardwicke won & lost to Wisbech St Mary’s. CIP 2nd, 16th Aug, C Ch 23rd Aug. Bell’s Life 10th Aug p 3/4/3/4.

1845 – Wisbech St Mary’s won & lost to Haddenham with Hardwicke. CIP 2nd, 16th Aug, C Ch 23rd Aug. Bell’s Life 10th Aug p 3/4/3/4.

1845 – Doddington lost to Downham Market twice; challenged Willingham. CIP 14th June or July; 23rd & 30th Aug. p 3.

1845 – Chatteris said not to have this season due to the bad rains. C Ch 16th Aug p 3.

1845 – Kirtling won & lost to Bishop’s Stortford; end of season match. CIP 23rd Aug, 11th Oct, Bell’s Life 7th Sept p 2/3/4.

1846 – “Whittlesea” Wash – advance notice of Cambridge University v Town on ice. London Standard 17th Feb

1846 – Royston – start of season friendly match, beat Bennington twice; beat CT&CC (6 barred) twice; won & lost to Ware; drew with Audley End; lost to Bishop’s Stortford twice; lost to Ware at single wicket. C Ch 23rd May, 4th, 25th July, CIP 13th June, 4th July, 8th Aug, 12th Sept, Bell’s Life 14th June, 26th July, 15th Aug, 27th Sept p ?/2/2/3/3/3/2/8/6/?/3; Hertford Mercury 11th July & 14th Aug.

1846 – Chippenham – beat Kirtling twice; beat Soham with return unknown result. CIP 20th June, 11th July, CIP 5th Sept p 3.

1846 – Soham – lost to Chippenham at least once.

1846 – Bourn – won (twice) & lost to Haslingfield. CIP 20th June, 11th & 18th July p 3.

1846 – Haslingfield won & lost (twice) to Bourn. CIP 20th June, 11th & 18th July p 3.

1846 – Willingham – lost to Potton with 1st match result unknown; beat Over twice. ? 6th or 7th June, C Ch 18th June, CIP 1st Aug p ?/2/3.

1846 – Over – lost to Willingham twice

1846 – Barrington – beat Harston. CIP 11th July p 3.

1846 – Bottisham – won & lost to Swaffham; with Fulbourn lost & drew with CT&CC 2nd XI. CIP 11th, 18th July, 26th Sept, C Ch 11th, 18th July, 19th Sept p 3/3/3/2/2/2.

1846 – Fulbourn – with Bottisham lost & drew with CT&CC 2nd XI. C Ch 19th Sept, CIP 26th Sept. p 2/3.

1846 – Swaffham – won & lost to Bottisham. CIP & C Ch 11th, 18th July p 3/2/2.

1846 – Haddenham – won & lost to Cambridge Castle Parlour C Ch 18th & 25th July p 2.

1846 – Kirtling- lost to Suffolk Borders; lost to Chippenham twice Bell’s Life 26th July p 6.

1846 – Wisbech – Cabinet-makers beat Shoemakers, beat butchers; Wisbech Albion reformed, match between 2 elevens; single wkt; married v Single. CIP 22nd Aug, C Ch 5th Sept. p 3; Lincs Ch 18th Sept.

1846 – Harston – single wicket match; won & lost to Ickleton; lost to Barrington. CIP 11th July, 22nd Aug, 12th & 19th Sept p 3/3/4/4.

1846 – Ickleton – won & lost to Harston. CIP 12th & 19th Sept.

1846 – Ely – Tradesmen match; Single beat Married; single wicket match; bt Huntingdon. CIP 22nd & 29th Aug p 3; C Ch 7th Aug.

1846 – Swavesey – drew with Huntingdon Albion with 1st match result unknown. C Ch 12th Sept. p ?

1846 – Elsworth – beat Toft. C Ch 12th Sept. p ?

1846 – Toft lost to Elsworth. C Ch 12th Sept. p ?

1846 – Linton – Mr Howard (of Linton)’s side lost to Audley End. C Ch 25th July p 2. 

1847 – Ely – new cricket club formed, beat employees of Messrs Butcher & Bard and other establishments, 2 single wicket matches, won & lost to Wisbech, won and drew with Huntingdon;  Odd Fellows beat Ancient Shepherds; members played hon. members. C Ad 31st Mar, 14th April, 8th Sept, CIP 8th, 22nd May, 12th June, 7th, 14th Aug, C Ch 5th June p 3/3/2/3/3/4/3/2.

1847 – Wisbech – Married played Single, friendly match x 2, 9-a-side match, Hon members played general members; Earl of Hardwicke an honorary member;Players beat Gents with D Hayward; match between 32 “whose dexterity in the conduct of the ‘willow’ is not yet first-rate”; beat Lynn at least once; lost to Stamford twice; beat Long Sutton; lost to Holkham (two steamboats laid on for up to 200 travellers to the match); won & lost to Ely; proposed match with CT&CC; match on day of railway opening rained off. C Ch 10th, 24th April, 1st May, 5th June, 17th July, 7th, 14th, 28th Aug, 11th, 18th Sept, CIP 3rd April, 8th & 15th May, 17th, 24th, 31st July, 21st, 28th Aug, 2nd Oct, C Ad 11th Aug, Bell’s Life 10th Oct p3/2/2/3/3/3/3/2/2/3/2/3/3/3/2/3/3/3/7; Lincs Ch 28th May.

1847 – Kirtling beat Bury St Edmunds twice; beat Clare twice. Bell’s Life 23rd May, CIP 3rd, 10th July p, B&NP 30th June p 6/4/1/2.

1847 – Haslingfield beat Bourn, drew with Harston with 1st match result unknown. C Ch 5th June, 25th Sept p 2

1847 – Harston – drew with Haslingfield at with 1st match result unknown. C Ch 25th Sept p 2.

1847 – Chippenham won and lost to Newmarket; won and lost (twice) to Mildenhall. Bell’s Life 27th June, B&NP 16th June, 29th Sept p 6/2/2.

1847 – Newmarket – won & lost to Chippenham.

1847 – Bourn – won & lost to Elsworth; lost to Haslingfield. C Ch 5th June, C Ad 21st July, CIP 7th Aug p 2/3/3

1847 – Elsworth – won & lost to Bourn. C Ad 21st July, CIP 7th Aug p 3.

1847 – Swavesey – beat Huntingdon Albion. CIP 24th July p 3.

1847 – Swaffham – beat Bottisham. CIP 31st July p 3.

1847 – Bottisham – lost to Swaffham. CIP 31st July p 3.

1847 – Royston – beat J Titchmarsh’s XI; beat Baldock twice; won & lost to Ware at single wicket; played Bishop’s Stortford twice; drew with Bennington. Bell’s Life 20th June, 11th July, 8th & 15th Aug, CIP 26th June, 24th July, 7th & 21st Aug. p 6/7/6/7/3/3/3.

1847 – Whittlesey won & lost to Peterborough. CIP 21st Aug p 2.

1848 – Wisbech – General meeting; engaged professional from Nottingham; Single beat Married members; possibly a 2nd members match; received challenges from Stamford, Spalding, St Ives, Ely, Cambridge and Earl of Leicester at Holkham; beat Boston with return result unknown; won & lost to St Ives; played Holkham; Shoemakers beat Cabinet-makers; Juniors won & lost to March, beat Peterborough twice; played Elm at single wicket; won & lost to Elm; 1st XI played 22; a planned member’s match not played; dinner. C Ch 11th Mar, 6th, 20th May, 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th June, 15th, 24th, 29th July, 5th Aug, 9th Sept, 7th Oct, CIP 11th Mar, 22nd April, 24th June, 16th Sept, C Ad 26th April, Bell’s Life 18th June p 2/3/3/3/3/3/3/2/3/2/2&3/3/3/3/3/3/?/3/6; Lincs Ch 26th May.

1848 – Elm – won & lost to Wisbech.

1848 – Ely – Married beat Single; drew with Huntingdon; match between 2 XI’s; ; beat & drew with Mildenhall, players played honorary members; challenged Wisbech; lost to March with return result unknown. C Ad 10th May, CIP 10th June, 12th Aug, 9th, 16th Sept, C Ch 22nd July p 3/3/1/1/3/3.

1848 – March – Single beat Married, “another match”, beat Peterborough twice, beat Ely with return result unknown; beat Stamford; won & lost to Wisbech juniors. C Ch 13th, 20th May, 1st, 15th, 29th July, CIP 24th June, 8th July, C Ad 28th June p3/2&3/3/2/ 2/3/3/3.

1848 – Kirtling – beat Newmarket, drew & lost to Bury & Suffolk; as Kirtling or Suffolk beat Cambridge & neighbourhood twice; won & lost to Borough Green. Bell’s Life 28th May, 18th June, CIP 8th July, 5th Aug, 16th Sept, C Ch 15th July, 12th Aug p 6/3/3/?/2/2.

1848 – Newmarket – lost to Kirtling

1848 – Borough Green – won & lost to Kirtling

1848 – Swavesey – lost to St Ives 2nd XI twice. C Ch 3rd June, CIP 10th June, 1st July p 3.

1848 – Chippenham – beat Tuddenham twice, beat Fulbourn & Bottisham. C Ch 8th, 15th July, 2nd Sept p 2.

1848 – Bottisham – with Fulbourn lost to Chippenham; drew with Fulbourn. C Ch 23rd Sept p ?

1848 – Thorney – lost to Ramsey twice, played Deeping. CIP 22nd July, 23rd Sept, C Ch 5th Aug p 4/3/2.

1848 – Fordham – lost to Mildenhall. CIP 22nd July p 4.

1848 – Shepreth – beat Royston. CIP 22nd July p 4.

1848 – Fulbourn – with Bottisham lost to Chippenham; Single beat Married, drew with Bottisham. CIP 22nd July, C Ch 23rd Sept p 4/?.

1848 – Chatteris – beat & drew with Ramsey. C Ch 22nd July, CIP 5th Aug p 3/2.

1848 – Royston – Juniors drew with Buntingford; lost to Shepreth. CIP 22nd July p 4.

1848 – Whittlesey – won & lost to Peterborough. C Ch 5th Aug p 2.

1848 – Elsworth – beat Huntingdon. C Ch 5th Aug p 2.

1848 – Gamlingay – (with Shepherd of Royston) lost & drew with St Neots. CIP 19th, 26th Aug p 2/3.

1848 – Sawston – Paper makers beat parchment makers. CIP 16th Sept p 3